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musiXmatch - -

musixmatch.com http://musixmatch.com Free

The fastest, most powerful and legal way to display lyrics on your website or in your application. Today. A complete music catalogue featuring 640k artists and 13M of tracks organized by albums. A powerful search engine including all our library is available through our api. Every artist/track/album has a score (1-100) based on our api requests, this is our rating. You can sort the artist/track/albums search results by this rating providing the most relevant content for your users. musiXmatch lyrics API is a robust service that permits you to search a complete music catalogue and retrieve lyrics in the simplest possible way. It just works.


Funambol - -

fabricapo http://my.funambol.com Free

Funambol Cloud API to myFUNAMBOL, a cloud synchronization service to sync contacts, calendar, pictures, videos and files on multiple devices (PC, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian and more)


osmpois - -

mingle.io https://mingle.io Free

Almost 8 million points of interest (POI) extracted from the OpenStreetMap database. It includes hotels, camps, restaurants, bars, public transportation stops, places for sport or leisure activities and much more. mingle.io is flexible and extremely fast API for various large volume Open Data sets. Visit the https://mingle.io/explore web site to see all available data.

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