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Created: April 2013

Recomio delivers recommendations with a few lines of code. With Recomio, you can build your own recommendation engine with simplicity, both on the web and mobile. All you need to do is use our free code which instantly enables star based ratings, likes, item relations and recommendations. Recomio will then aggregate all the information (real-time basis), provide recommendations and predict user behavior by analyzing user and item patterns and relationships.


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Is my payment information secure?

Credit cards are processed through a PCI compliant banking partner.

What if I exceed my plan limits?

Depending on your plan’s selected option, you will either be suspended or incur overage charges.

When will I be billed?

We charge your credit card upon subscription to an API’s plan and at the next recurring interval.

How are refunds handled?

For all refund requests, please contact the API provider directly.