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SmartPea API is a RESTful API designed for developers who want to access to hyper-localized grocery deals data. We collect grocery deals information at real time from over 40 national retailers across US. To query SmartPea API, simply query:{grocery item title}&zip={zipcode} E.g. to query juice deals within zip code 92116, just query For each searched grocery item, we show the following information: Title, Retailer's name, Image, Description, Deal restriction, Current price, Regular price, Savings, Nutritional facts: including calories, fat, cholesterol, sodium, potassium, sugar, fiber, carb, protein, Nutrition rating, Nutrition highlight: including whether the item includes ingredients that may pose a health concern, User rating, User comments. Please contact us at if you have any questions with regard to SmartPea API.


On average an American consumer spends over $7,200 per year on groceries, which is way more than what is spent on electronic gadgets or travel. Most grocery shoppers would plan their shopping trips beforehand, to get the best value and best savings. To enable grocery shoppers to better plan their trips, we at SmartPea have collected local grocery deals information from over 40 national retailers across US. We update the grocery deals information every hour so they are always up to date. We also correlate the deals with corresponding nutritional data, so that shoppers can not only find the best savings, but also eat healthy. SmartPea is open to partner with other application developers who want to leverage the powerful grocery data. SmartPea API can be used to power various types of applications: e.g. shopping lists, recipe finders, calorie counters, household budgeting tools, and many more. For more information, contact us at

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