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Pinterest - -

ismaelc Free

This is an unofficial Pinterest API. Pinterest is a pinboard-style photo sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, hobbies, and more. Users can browse other pinboards for inspiration, 're-pin' images to their own pinboards, or 'like' photos. (Credits to,uk for the user-specific Pinterest APIs).


Heyzap - -

heyzap Free

Welcome to the Heyzap API. This API gives you access to most of the data Heyzap makes available on our Android and iOS applications, including games, activity and users on the Heyzap network.


Trendn - -

bryanhun Paid Usage

Trendn aggregates the most viral and socially-shared content on the web. Ranking is based on social engagement, which refers to how interesting or relevant people have found an item or category to be. Examples of engagement include sharing with your friends, bookmarking an article, leaving a comment on a blog, or clicking a link to read a news item.

Local Streamer

Local Streamer - -

orfeomorello Free is a geolocation system that collects informations by searching facebook statuses and twitter updates. The system offers to the developers some free api to work with features in LBS (Location-Based Services).

Static map

Static map - -

orfeomorello Free

Get a valid static geo image map url from different map providers.

Ultimate Weather Forecasts

Ultimate Weather Forecasts - -

george vustrey Free

Accurate weather forecasts for today and the next 7 days. Easy and free to use!

Texas Holdem

Texas Holdem - -

neurone Free

With this API you can easily create a full Texas Holdem game, just create the graphic and associate it with the results.

IP Utils

IP Utils - -

mark sutuer Free

A simple component helping with IP functionalities


Ip2Country - -

orfeomorello Free

Look up country name and ISO code by IP v4 address


musiXmatch - - Free

The fastest, most powerful and legal way to display lyrics on your website or in your application. Today. A complete music catalogue featuring 640k artists and 13M of tracks organized by albums. A powerful search engine including all our library is available through our api. Every artist/track/album has a score (1-100) based on our api requests, this is our rating. You can sort the artist/track/albums search results by this rating providing the most relevant content for your users. musiXmatch lyrics API is a robust service that permits you to search a complete music catalogue and retrieve lyrics in the simplest possible way. It just works.


StockTwits - -

stocktwits Free

StockTwits provides a social communications platform and social graph for anyone interested in the markets and investing.


AppsBuilder - -

appsbuilder Free

AppsBuilder is a do it yourself platform for mobile applications development. No coding skills are needed! Trough a single building process users can create an app for iOS (iPad, iPhone/iPod), Android (Tablets & Phones) and Windows Phone. Last but not least, your app will be available for the Chrome Web Store and with a Mobile Site Html5 version. All content is stored on Cloud, enabling real time updates. All JSON structures can also be retrieved here:


Format - -

parsify Paid Usage

Easily format data, and information through our platform agnostic api. Allows formatting of various information types such as: Phone Numbers to National, International, and E164 Format and returns type of number; Dates to a large multitude of formats with validation, UTC, time ago; Currency and Numeric formatting based on country codes or default US setting, and Names Normalization / Formatting.

ML Analyzer

ML Analyzer - -

mlanalyzer Paid Usage

Text Classification, Article Summarization, Sentiment Analysis, Stock symbol extraction, Person Names Extractor, Language Detection, Locations Extractor, Adult content Analyzer.


Funambol - -

fabricapo Free

Funambol Cloud API to myFUNAMBOL, a cloud synchronization service to sync contacts, calendar, pictures, videos and files on multiple devices (PC, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian and more)

Google Geocoding

Google Geocoding - -

shatsar Free

This is a simple, unofficial wrapper for Google Geocoding API

DuckDuckGo Zero-click Info

DuckDuckGo Zero-click Info - -

duckduckgo Free

DuckDuckGo Zero-click Info includes topic summaries, categories, disambiguation, official sites, !bang redirects, definitions and more. You can use this API for many things, e.g. define people, places, things, words and concepts; provides direct links to other services (via !bang syntax); list related topics; and gives official sites when available. - -

thefosk Paid Usage

An easy RESTful API for manipulating images and applying customizable filters in real-time. You can use the built-in filters or create your own ones on top of our filters. And not only filters: includes resize, rotate and crop functions among the others. No monthly price. Easy as $0.01 per filter. Maximum file size is 4MB.


Domainr - -

nbio Free

Worldwide domain search. Docs:

Recommendation Engine

Recommendation Engine - - Paid Usage

Provide automated product or service recommendations based on your customers preferences. Several recommendation algorithms are provided. Experiment with the different algorithms to find which produces the best results with your data. You can find more documentation for these algorithms on our website at:


Octopart - -

octopart Free

Programmatic access to Octopart's database of electronic parts. Use the Octopart API to retrieve pricing, availability, datasheets, images and technical specs for electronic parts.


Convert - -

parsify Paid Usage

Platform agnostic API to convert your markup, styling, and templating documents on the fly with caching, viewing, and premium features such as analytics for your conversions. Currently markup, styling, and templating languages supported is markdown, textile, less, sass, jade, hogan, dust, ejs, handlebars, jazz, swig, stylus, and whiskers. If you would like to talk about better pricing, more features, or ideas... Let us know!

Weather and Forecast

Weather and Forecast - -

metwit Paid Usage

Howdy Developer, if you are looking for a *weather* API then you search is over! Metwit born as a crowdsourced platform for gathering *real-time* weather reports from real people. After more then ten thousand users started to using our apps and send a massive amount of reports, we decided to release those precious reports through our APIs. And that's not all: we're also offering a single gateway for multiple, hard to parse, sources of forecasts like NOAA, and we're enhancing them with social data like photos, tweets, etc., that we leverage from existing social networks. If you want to try it without a credit card, please go to:


OpenCNAM - -

rdegges Paid Usage

A simple Caller ID API. You give us a phone number, we'll tell you who the person is.

Email Search by EmailSherlock

Email Search by EmailSherlock - -

infopay Free

A reverse email search conducted at can help determine the identity of the owner of an unknown address that shows up in your inbox. You can also use this free email search service to learn more about an address you found in your address book or perhaps in connection with an online ad you're considering responding to.

URL Screenshot Generator

URL Screenshot Generator - -

jmillerdesign Free

Simply generate a png or jpg screenshot of a web page. Just pass the URL to this API and it will return a screenshot of what the page looks like in a browser. You can specify the width and height of the browser. This is a very simple API at the moment. More features can be added as needed.


DocPlanner - -

mlebkowski Free enables patients to find great, local physicians online and book an appointment. Choosing a specialist has never been more comfortable. This API enables to integrate your clinic software with our online booking service.

Where is it Up

Where is it Up - -

wondernetwork Paid Usage

Our API exposes site monitoring tools in 89 cities across 47 different countries on 6 continents. Through our global network we expose five types of monitoring tools: **HTTP** - We make an HTTP request against the specified URL, returning the response code, size, and basic timing information for the request. Easily confirm site accessibility from global locations. dig - Leveraging this foundational DNS tool we return global results on the requested domain. Confirm and monitor your global hosting, and anycast DNS solutions. trace - Returns the full traceroute from any of our locations to your server, providing useful monitoring information, and critical data when diagnosing an outage. ping - Obtain basic timing information from any of our cities to your server, useful in capacity planning, and ensuring consistent results in the global marketplace. fast - Through a headless webkit browser we'll load the requested page, and return detailed timing information.

RedLine Zipcode

RedLine Zipcode - -

redline Paid Usage

The Zip Code API provides the following functions: Distance Between Zip Code API - The API allows you to quickly and easily figure out the distance between zip codes. Zip Codes in Radius API - You can use this API to find all zip codes within a given radius from another zip code. Zip Code to City and State API and Zip Code to Latitude/Longitude API - The API can convert a zip code to the primary location for the zip code. This includes the city, state, latitude, and longitude for the primary location. City to Zip Code - This API looks up the Zip Code based on the City and State.

Gender Guesser

Gender Guesser - -

montanaflynn Free

Guess whether a first name is of male or female gender in the USA.

Github Zen

Github Zen - -

community Free

Github Zen! Anything added dilutes everything else. Approachable is better than simple. Avoid administrative distraction. Design for failure. Encourage flow. Favor focus over features. Half measures are as bad as nothing at all. It's not fully shipped until it's fast. Keep it logically awesome. Mind your words, they are important. Non-blocking is better than blocking. Practicality beats purity. Responsive is better than fast. Speak like a human. - -

stromgren Free determines the gender of a first name. Use the API for analytics, ad targeting, user segmenting etc. It utilizes big datasets of information, from user profiles across major social networks and exposes this data through its API. The response includes a certainty factor as well.

Noun Entity Extraction - Noun Phrase - Part Of Speech Tagger ALPHA

Noun Entity Extraction - Noun Phrase - Part Of Speech Tagger ALPHA - -

stremor Paid Usage

Extract Noun Phrases, Named Entities, and Parts of Speech from Text. Advantages Over Competitors: Faster! We are blazing fast compared to anything else out there. All of "The Adventures of Huck Finn" takes about 5 seconds to process. Typically 10x faster than NLTK and 20x faster than CoreNLP More concurrency! Unlike AlchemyAPI you aren't limited to 5 concurrent processes. We can handle 1000s. Indexed Results! Because the response has the position information, and all of the words tagged in each detected part of speech it is easier to find the phrases you are looking for in long documents. Noun Phrases are series of nouns that act together, "Department of Justice" for example. In this example "of" is part of the noun phrase even though it is not itself a noun.

HTML to PDF conversion with CSS and JavaScript

HTML to PDF conversion with CSS and JavaScript - -

tkdchamp Free

Converts HTML to PDF with support for CSS and JavaScript. Allows watermarking, merging, scaling to one page and much more.

Text Analysis

Text Analysis - -

aylien Paid Usage

AYLIEN Text API is a package of eight different Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval and Machine Learning tools that allow developers to extract meaning and insights from documents with ease. - -

maccman Free

Source talented software engineers Search through our database of over 4 million developers to find the right match for your team.


ZenPayroll - -

zenpayroll Free

ZenPayroll is delightful, modern payroll. Our comprehensive payroll service enables businesses to get set up and run payroll in minutes, from any web enabled device. All government payroll taxes, reporting, and compliance are taken care of automatically and paperlessly. The ZenPayroll API transforms payroll from being a vertical silo to a horizontal platform that seamlessly connects applications for HR, time tracking, accounting and other important back office functions. The immediate benefit of enabling systems to “talk” to payroll is efficiency and improved data quality. In the long run, opening up the flow of information between back-office applications and payroll is about creating new ways to manage work and compensate employees. For instance, imagine a point-of-sale system that could dynamically offer incentives to salespeople based on changes in inventory or an HR system that could generate on-the-spot bonuses for employees to reward them for their great work.

VentureDeal Venture Capital Transaction

VentureDeal Venture Capital Transaction - -

venturedeal Paid Usage

VentureDeal provides customized XML data feed APIs tracking activity in the venture-backed technology startup ecosystem in North America. XML data feeds utilize the UTF-8 standard.


SaveDeo - -

ehmo Paid Usage

Extract direct links to videos for many popular video hosting sites e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, etc.


Mashape - -

mashaper Free

Mashape provides a world-class marketplace to manage, distribute and consume both private and public APIs by developers from all over the world. Here is the official Mashape API to retrieve APIs and users information.


OneWinner.Me - -

onewinnerme Free

OneWinner.Me is a service that lets you check the earning expectation of your lottery numbers, and register your combination to prevent other players from choosing similar ones. In lotteries (Euro Millions, …), some combinations are more played than others. It is better to choose combinations rarely played : they have the same probability of draw, but pay much more, because there are fewer winners. The service works through a crowdsourcing technology, and advanced learning algorithms. This API allows third party application to check and register combinations into the OneWinner.Me service. For the moment, only Euro Millions lottery is available, but more are coming soon. Good luck Mashapers, and enjoy !

Sentiment Analysis for Twitter and Facebook

Sentiment Analysis for Twitter and Facebook - -

sentimental Paid Usage

The multilingual sentiment analysis API (with exceptional accuracy, 83.4% as opposed to industry standard of 65.4%, and available in Mandarin) from classifies social media texts as positive or negative, with a free daily allowance to get you started. The system uses advanced statistical models (machine learning & NLP) trained on social data, meaning the detection can handle slang, common misspellings, emoticons, hashtags, etc. You can use this API for free. If you require more flexibility and larger scale you can move up to a paid-for plan. Please note: The free plan offers 500 statuses classified per day - any use over this will be charged for. If you are using more than 500 statuses per day it is more cost effective to upgrade to one of the low cost, paid-for plans or contact us direct for an Enterprise offering.

Json Tools

Json Tools - -

thefosk Free

This API provides a set of useful features for JSON data. Send me a private message to ask for more features. Enjoy :)

Card Printing

Card Printing - -

mimeoconnect Free

This API provides card printing services for developers. It enables you to price and order commercially printed cards in different sizes, paper and coating from within your web and mobile applications.

C24 Validation Service

C24 Validation Service - - Paid Usage

With this API you can validate SWIFT message. Specify the appropriate SWIFT Standard to use and the message to validate. You will get the validation result, and the eventual parsing or validation errors.

Query Classification

Query Classification - -

tdguest Free

This API can be used to find the topic of a keyword query. The topic for the query will be chosen from over 1500 predefined topics. This works best with query phrases like - "Star Wars", "Dell Inspiron 1420 price" This technology has been provided by Query Dynamics LLC ( This technology is being used to categorize tweets at a website called TweetDynamics ( To get the class for the query "Star Wars" submit a GET request to - The following JSON code will be returned: {"Answer": sci-fi movie} The category of the query is within the by the Answer tag. Some of the uses of this api are to create tools for online query analysis and offline query log analysis.

Contact Info Removal

Contact Info Removal - -

esseguin Paid Usage

A collection of functions that will remove contact information (phone numbers, email, and/or addresses) from a string


Face - -

lambda Paid Usage

A computer vision api for facial recognition and facial detection that is a perfect replacement. We currently have a free api for face detection.

Face and Scene recognition provided by

Face and Scene recognition provided by - -

orbeus Free alternative! Our fast, robust and scalable rekognition engine can do facial detection, crawling, recognition, scene understanding! It can be automatically trained using images and tags on Facebook! Please visit or email me in mashape to register free quota!

ERMAHGERD Translator

ERMAHGERD Translator - -

jmillerdesign Paid Usage

This translates text to ERMAHGERD. See demo:


Jeannie - -

pannous Paid Usage

Jeannie (Voice Actions) is a virtual assistant with over two Million downloads, now also available via API. The objective of this service is to provide you and your robot with the smartest answer to any natural language question, just like Siri. This service provides an interface to the standard functions that users demand of modern voice assistants. For example chatting, looking up information, creating messages and much much more. It also provides useful metadata such as sentence analysis and entity extraction that goes beyond simple chatting and voice commands. Over 2 million users have already been in contact with this API: Examples: Complete documentation:

Name Toolkit

Name Toolkit - -

nametoolkit Paid Usage

Name Toolkit is a domain name suggestion, registration and whois info provider. Our focus is on speed, simplicity and honesty.

Animetrics Face Recognition

Animetrics Face Recognition - -

animetrics Paid Usage

Powered by Animetrics' patented 2D to 3D facial recognition technology, this API can be used to detect and recognize human faces in pictures. Detection will return the coordinates of facial features as well as the orientation, or "pose" of the face (pitch, roll, and yaw) relative to the camera. In order to resolve the identity of faces in photographs, you may enroll an unlimited number of faces into a private namespace in our database, and then perform a facial "recognize" operation on an unknown face. Recognize will search your enrolled faces and return likely match candidates. A unique capability called “SetPose” is also available, which will create a frontal facial picture from an input photograph of someone not looking directly at the camera. I.e. it will produce a "corrected" photograph of the person's face, as if they had been looking directly at the camera when the picture was captured.

New York Lottery Picker

New York Lottery Picker - -

ychen11 Free

You like lottery? But you don't like to pick numbers each time?if your answers of these questions are both 'yes'. Try this! New York Lottery Picker could help you to query the numbers, do not waste time to think which number is better, just let machine do that! You will have more time to do other things!

ImageVision - NuditySearch

ImageVision - NuditySearch - -

imagevision Paid Usage

ImageVision's NuditySearch - Recognizing nudity is a highly complex problem. NuditySearch tackles this problem by recognizing anatomical attributes and determining if there is nudity in images. Beta version of ImageVision's NuditySearch Engine Find out more at Keywords: nude, nudity detection, nudity recognition, nudity filter, porn detection, porn filter, image protection, image analysis, image detection, computer vision, image scan, BigPicture, ImageVision, porn. Big Data,


WhoAPI - -

whoapi Paid Usage

Get extensive domain data on a massive scale. Domain data like structured whois info, domain availability & expiry date, server uptime from all our world wide nodes and many more valuable data.

Flight Routing

Flight Routing - -

laiello Paid Usage

Get flight routing options (currently covers European and US airspace). For European airspace, retrieve both CFMU validated (time sensitive) and older (now invalid) routing options. Disclaimer: This should not be used as the sole flight routing verification without confirming with the necessary authorities or manually with actual charts.

Block Disposable Email

Block Disposable Email - - Free

The api helps to detect domains of disposable email address services such as, spamgourmet. In other words: if you need to keep your userbase clean you should avoid throw-away, one-time, instant, temporary email addresses. That's what this api is designed for. BTW: no false positives.


DeveloperWeekCompTicket - -

adammagaluk Free

This api returns a description of why I want the complimentary passes Mashape is giving out for the DeveloperWeek 2013 passes.

One Time Password Service

One Time Password Service - -

tanmaykm Free

Generates and validates numeric one time passwords. One time passwords are valid only for a certain time and for one use only. Password is deleted once an attempt is made to validate it, whether the attempt was successful or otherwise. As an API user, your account gets a unique section on our database where your users and passwords are stored. API level security in the form of signed requests with an account level secret. Signature mechanism: 1. Order the field names in the request, except the "sig" field in ascending order. 2. Append the names and corresponding values with comma (",") as the separator. 3. Append the secret as configured for your account. (secret is same as your public key till a secret is setup) 4. Perform a SHA1 hash of the resulting string. SHA1(name1,value1,name2,value2,...,secret) Please refer to the API document and API website for further details.


Search - -

webknox Paid Usage

The WebKnox search API lets you search the WebKnox Web index and news results.


SwissKnifeDocs - -

gybra Paid Usage

This API can convert documents into another document format. You can convert documents into images too , or you can simply fill the "merge fields" inside your .docx or .doc document and convert it into whatever format you want.


Text-Processing - -

japerk Paid Usage

Sentiment analysis, stemming and lemmatization, part-of-speech tagging and chunking, phrase extraction and named entity recognition.

Spotify Web

Spotify Web - -

mager Free

The Spotify Web API enables you to search and lookup metadata about artists, tracks and albums using a REST interface.

HeyWatch Video Encoding

HeyWatch Video Encoding - -

heywatch Free

Encode videos in the cloud with the HeyWatch Video Encoding API


Storage - -

clone1018 Free

Storage stores stuff. Simply POST some stuff to us and we'll host it. We haven't fully launched yet, but when we do, it'll be awesome.


FaceRect - -

apicloud Free

FaceRect is a powerful and free API for face detection. It finds faces (both frontal and profile) on the image specified by URL or uploaded as a file and is able to find multiple faces on a single photo, producing JSON output with a bounding box for each face found. Check out visual demo here: Note that additionally FaceRect can find face features for each detected face (eyes, nose and mouth). For more precise face feature detection please see our FaceMark API:


ColorTag - -

apicloud Paid Usage

ColorTag is a powerful API for color detection. Taking an image file (or URL) as input ColorTag produces a list of text labels and hex RGB values that can be then used as tags for a certain image or item. Check out visual demo here: The API can sort tags by relevance (detecting colors of objects on the image, e.g. a dress, a car, etc.) or simply by weight in the image. First mode is perfect for e-commerce applications, allowing to automatically tag items with colors by simply providing a photo or a thumbnail and build a color tag cloud, so users are able to search items by color (e.g. red). Weight sorting mode can be useful for photos, wallpapers or other images without well-defined objects on them to analyze the palette in general. Text color labels can be assigned with different precision (just basic colors, W3C-compatible colors, precise colors, etc.).

FullContact - Person

FullContact - Person - -

fullcontact Free

The FullContact Person API takes a piece of contact information, such as an email address, and adds information such as name, job title, and social profile data from more than 120 different social networks - including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. It then returns the enhanced information in XML, JSON, or vCard format. You will need a FullContact API key in order to use this service. It's free to try - to sign up for a key, please visit


Textuality - -

djinn Paid Usage

The API service to convert web page to clear text. The API which is highly accurate drills down to the most relevant piece of text of web page or a blog and presents it as text. Get started with free daily allowance . You can use this API for free for scraping upto 400 pages a day. Please note: free plan allows extracting 400 pages, any use over the limit will be charged. You can scale to large volume with our paid plans.

Imagga Smart Cropping

Imagga Smart Cropping - -

imagga Paid Usage

Imagga is a cloud platform that helps businesses and individuals organize their images in a fast and cost-effective way


Human - -

humanapi Free

human/api is a platform that makes human health data available through a RESTful web service. We make it very easy to securely get a human's current or past health data.

Burst SMS US

Burst SMS US - -

burstsms Paid Usage

Our powerful web API allows you to build apps that can send and receive SMS. Use standard web languages to build applications that speak to global SMS carriers. No need to worry about complex SMPP servers or hosting SMS servers. Just send us your messages using our clean clear API calls and we will deliver it for you quickly and send you back confirmations or replies.


auphonic - -

auphonic Free

We develop new algorithms in the area of music information retrieval and audio signal processing to create an automatic audio post production web service for broadcasters, podcasts, radio shows, audio books, lecture recordings, screencasts and more. Users just upload their recorded audio and Auphonic will do the rest: neither complicated parameter settings nor audio expert knowledge is necessary.


Gradnote - -

zaidos Paid Usage

Returns basic information about higher education institutions (schools, colleges, universities).

NLP and Voice interface for Apps

NLP and Voice interface for Apps - -

ar7hur Free

Wit enables developers to add a Siri-like modern natural language interface to their app or device with minimal effort. It integrates well with Android's speech to text engine.

Shortening as a Service

Shortening as a Service - -

ianthedeveloper Paid Usage

We take uptime seriously. H4X4's advanced uptime response system tracks uptime, sends alerts to the team, and logs it. H4X4 is currently implementing a portfolio of short, interchangeable domains. Our name is currently undergoing a rethink. Consumer Website:

Machine Linking

Machine Linking - -

machinelinking Paid Usage

Multilingual text understanding API: developers can extract keywords and entities from unstructured documents and short pieces of text, and enrich them with information extracted from resources of the Linked Open Data cloud, such as DBPedia or Freebase. Other features include text comparison, summarization, and language detection. Available in 30+ languages.

UK Travel Money Currency Rates

UK Travel Money Currency Rates - -

touchtree Paid Usage

Comprehensive source of UK Travel Money Currency Data. Continually updated rates information on 40+ Currency Merchants and up to 70+ currencies per merchant. Ideal for Travel Money comparison and holiday websites

CustomerGauge Net Promoter System

CustomerGauge Net Promoter System - -

customergauge Free

CustomerGauge has powerful input/output features for measuring Net Promoter System values, using our Application Programming Interface (API). The CustomerGauge API set allows the automatic exchange of data between a remote system (server or other device)

Bitext Sentiment Analysis

Bitext Sentiment Analysis - -

bitext Free

The purpose of this service is to extract opinions from text. An opinion represents the subject an author is writing about and a sentiment score that classifies how positively or negatively the author feels towards that subject. Deep Linguistic Analysis is used to identify the subject the author is discussing. This can be: an entity (brand/ person/product/place… a concept (like “global warming”, “public policies” or “financial crisis”). The sentiment analysis service will also break the opinion down to detect exactly which features or attributes or elements of the subject are being discussed. For a product this could be the main components or accessories as for example, the “screen“ in “the screen of the Galaxy Tab” or the “case“ in “my new iPad case“. For a person this could be the activities or attitudes associated with them. For a place it could be the specific buildings or institutions located there.

OpenAPI 1.2

OpenAPI 1.2 - -

transloc Free

The TransLoc PublicAPI is a RESTful API which allows you to incorporate real-time vehicle tracking information into your web or mobile applications. It exposes several resources that allow you to access real-time information about transit systems tracked by TransLoc Inc.


StockFluence - -

stockfluence Paid Usage provides financial sentiment analysis for investors to discover, react and respond to market opinions. We monitor (social) media channels and analyze the overall sentiment with our algorithms. Based on the sentiment, we make predictions with an accuracy level of 70%.


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