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DMOZ - -

enclout Free

This API retrieves DMOZ category for a given domain

Content Analysis

Content Analysis - -

enclout Free

This API performs a basic content analysis for a given domain. It extracts category, Language, URL, redirect URL, meta_keywords, meta_description, company, phone and email information

l33t sp34k

l33t sp34k - -

montanaflynn Free

Want to sound like a hacker? Translate text to and from l33t sp34k!111eleven!!!

Cat Overflow

Cat Overflow - -

montanaflynn Free

Undocumented API I found browsing's source code. [unofficial]

Gender Guesser

Gender Guesser - -

montanaflynn Free

Guess whether a first name is of male or female gender in the USA.


Geocode - -

metropolis api Free

Metropolis Geocode finds the associated geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude) from a given worldwide address provided. Metropolis can turn any address data of yours into latitude longitude values. Plain and Simple.

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