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Local Streamer

Local Streamer - -

orfeomorello http://www.localstreamer.com Free

Localstreamer.com is a geolocation system that collects informations by searching facebook statuses and twitter updates. The system offers to the developers some free api to work with features in LBS (Location-Based Services).

Static map

Static map - -

orfeomorello http://www.localstreamer.com Free

Get a valid static geo image map url from different map providers.


Flight - -

orfeomorello http://www.localstreamer.com Free

Find the flight distance informations between any two places on the earth


Ip2Country - -

orfeomorello http://www.localstreamer.com/friendadder.html Free

Look up country name and ISO code by IP v4 address


Pearlary - -

orfeomorello http://www.pearlary.com Free

Famous quotes, common phrases, aphorisms, jokes from the Net. An API to easily pulling down the first Rank phrase from our special collection of phrases of the day. Get new fresh phrases everyday, find beautiful phrases, inspirational thoughts to update your status on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

Secretly Meet

Secretly Meet - -

orfeomorello https://www.secretlymeet.me Free

Create websites that only last for a browser session. “Secretly Meet” allows you to create a short-lived web meeting room where all the content lives within your browser. The browser serves all the content shared in P2P (peer-to-peer) way. When you close your browser all the content is deleted without leaving any tracks about the exchanged information ( chat, text, links, videos, photos, webcam and more). Protect your privacy!


Orfeo Morello: Doctor in Computer Engineering, an expert in web and new technologies. I always thought that the desire to discover and to know must be the basis for everything.

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