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APIs - Free - Free - -

worldtimeengine Paid Usage

The free version of the World Time Engine API for small project needs. For the full developer and enterprise versions of this API check out the link provided above.

IP Address Geolocation

IP Address Geolocation - -

chrislim Free

This API returns the location of an IP address (country, region, city, zipcode, latitude and longitude) and the associated timezone in JSON or XML format.

Online font converter

Online font converter - -

warting Free

Convert fonts from one format to another


HTML2Text - -

pbkwee Free

The HTML to text tool tries to extract text content out of an HTML document. It ignores 'non-text' HTML content (like script, object and applet tags). Feedback on this tool is welcomed on our blog at

Virus Filter

Virus Filter - - Paid Usage

You send us a file or a URL of a file, and we will tell you if it contains a virus. Super cool, super easy. Wanna test it out? Send the eicar test virus as a Base64 encoded string, or send us a link to the file online! Learn more about the Eicar test file at:

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