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Ultimate Weather Forecasts

Ultimate Weather Forecasts - -

george vustrey Free

Accurate weather forecasts for today and the next 7 days. Easy and free to use!

Name Toolkit

Name Toolkit - -

nametoolkit Paid Usage

Name Toolkit is a domain name suggestion, registration and whois info provider. Our focus is on speed, simplicity and honesty.

MyMemory - Translation Memory

MyMemory - Translation Memory - -

translated Paid Usage

Get a better translation! MyMemory is the world's largest Translation Memory. It contains billions of words translated by professional translators. MyMemory will give you a machine translation (Google, Microsoft or our) only when a human translation is not available.


ScrapeGoat - -

warting Free

This is an api that let's you specify an url and a CSS3 selector or an regexp and get the result as a JSON object. The API can also take screenshots of a webpage, prerendered with javascript or not, and return it as a PNG-image.


Mashape - -

mashaper Free

Mashape provides a world-class marketplace to manage, distribute and consume both private and public APIs by developers from all over the world. Here is the official Mashape API to retrieve APIs and users information.

User Agent

User Agent - -

logicstack Free

Extract browser, os and device information from a user agent.

REST Query

REST Query - -

restquery Free

REST Query is jQuery over REST, use standard CSS selectors to extract HTML from pages. Alpha version is free.


Name Toolkit is a flexible, customisable domain suggestion service, domain registration provider and whois information provider.

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