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IP address to Income - IP2Income

IP address to Income - IP2Income - -

loudelement Free

returns average income level of surrounding areas of an ip address. data is based on 2012 census. one of a kind.

Audio 2D Code

Audio 2D Code - -

zhulianxing Free

Audio-2d-Code is a new technology to share links using sound which can replace 2Dcode, NFC and Bluetooth in many occasions. By the means of sound broadcasting, the effective range can reach up to 3 meters. The SDK was designed for extension into many use-cases just like file transmission, tickets, broadcasting and other related fields. Now it supports iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 and server development. The client SDK supports multiple platforms. For more information, please refer to the Getting Started page.


IMDb - -

apathetic Paid Usage

An Unofficial API for Use it to collect data from IMDb.

Burst SMS US

Burst SMS US - -

burstsms Paid Usage

Our powerful web API allows you to build apps that can send and receive SMS. Use standard web languages to build applications that speak to global SMS carriers. No need to worry about complex SMPP servers or hosting SMS servers. Just send us your messages using our clean clear API calls and we will deliver it for you quickly and send you back confirmations or replies.

Ultimate Weather Forecasts

Ultimate Weather Forecasts - -

george vustrey Free

Accurate weather forecasts for today and the next 7 days. Easy and free to use!

IP Utils

IP Utils - -

mark sutuer Free

A simple component helping with IP functionalities

Json Tools

Json Tools - -

thefosk Free

This API provides a set of useful features for JSON data. Send me a private message to ask for more features. Enjoy :)


Funambol - -

fabricapo Free

Funambol Cloud API to myFUNAMBOL, a cloud synchronization service to sync contacts, calendar, pictures, videos and files on multiple devices (PC, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian and more)

Shipping Gear

Shipping Gear - -

bondarewicz Free

Some useful stuff for eCommerce shipping. [work in progress]

Texas Holdem

Texas Holdem - -

neurone Free

With this API you can easily create a full Texas Holdem game, just create the graphic and associate it with the results.

DND Check

DND Check - -

blaazetech Free

Check any Indian mobile number's DND(Do Not Disturb) status using our API.

Dummy Data

Dummy Data - -

montanaflynn Free

Generates dummy data for filling up databases, responsive web designs, or whatever else you need filler text for.


Octopart - -

octopart Free

Programmatic access to Octopart's database of electronic parts. Use the Octopart API to retrieve pricing, availability, datasheets, images and technical specs for electronic parts.


Format - -

parsify Paid Usage

Easily format data, and information through our platform agnostic api. Allows formatting of various information types such as: Phone Numbers to National, International, and E164 Format and returns type of number; Dates to a large multitude of formats with validation, UTC, time ago; Currency and Numeric formatting based on country codes or default US setting, and Names Normalization / Formatting.


LanguageTool - -

dnaber Free

Style and grammar checking / proofreading for more than 25 languages, including English, French, Polish, Spanish and German. Based on

Language detection

Language detection - -

sprawk Paid Usage

Takes a piece of text and detects the language it is written in.


WikiSynonyms - -

ipeirotis Free

This is a term synonym discovery service that exploits that structure of Wikipedia redirects to discover almost-equivalent terms. You can try terms like C++, or Hillary Clinton, or Mihapjungguk to see some of the results.


Pinterest - -

ismaelc Free

This is an unofficial Pinterest API. Pinterest is a pinboard-style photo sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, hobbies, and more. Users can browse other pinboards for inspiration, 're-pin' images to their own pinboards, or 'like' photos. (Credits to,uk for the user-specific Pinterest APIs).


Mashape - -

mashaper Free

Mashape provides a world-class marketplace to manage, distribute and consume both private and public APIs by developers from all over the world. Here is the official Mashape API to retrieve APIs and users information.


Gradnote - -

zaidos Paid Usage

Returns basic information about higher education institutions (schools, colleges, universities).

Gender Guesser

Gender Guesser - -

montanaflynn Free

Guess whether a first name is of male or female gender in the USA.

Spotify Web

Spotify Web - -

mager Free

The Spotify Web API enables you to search and lookup metadata about artists, tracks and albums using a REST interface.

DNS Tools

DNS Tools - -

jack Free

Resolve DNS addresses into IP addresses and vice versa. New method: check if a port is open on a given host.


Numbers - -

divad12 Free

An API for interesting facts about numbers. Provides trivia, math, date, and year facts about numbers. For example, "5 is the number of platonic solids", "42 is the number of little squares forming the left side trail of Microsoft's Windows 98 logo", "February 27th is the day in 1964 that the government of Italy asks for help to keep the Leaning Tower of Pisa from toppling over"

Get website technologies information

Get website technologies information - -

ivbeg Free

This API helps to detect website technologies used by admins and webmasters

Loyalty Data Retrieval

Loyalty Data Retrieval - -

awardwallet Paid Usage

This API allows you to automatically retrive: (1) Account balance and other properties of a loyalty account such as: Expiration, Name, Account number, Status, Next elite level, Miles needed to next level, Segments needed to next level, Last activity, etc. (2) Account history As of March 2013 we support 562 programs and growing. If you run into any issues please contact us via

Stremor Automated Summary and Abstract Generator

Stremor Automated Summary and Abstract Generator - -

stremor Paid Usage

Use the Automated Summaries API to generate instant 350 character (+/- 10%) summaries of long content from text or URLs. Summaries are returned as highly readable paragraphs with complete sentences for the best end-user experience. Use the returned content for executive summaries of internal documents, previews of articles, efficient mobile pages, email abstract previews, or just about any instance where your end user will benefit from a summary rather than simple snippet. Language Heuristics goes a step beyond Natural Language Processing to extract intent from text. Summaries are created through extraction, but maintain readability by keeping sentence dependencies intact. HTML pages are passed through a template removal process so that only the article text is summarized avoiding comments, menus, headers, and footers. Analysis of the document ranks sentences for importance identifying key concepts, entities, article points and conclusions.


Pictobar - -

pictobar Free

Pictobar API allows you to submit a full name and will return crowd-sourced personality information about the person for about 16 million people. From adjectives that describe them directly, percent introversion/extroversion, to a 1-5 star scale of how people see the person on: Attractiveness, Friendliness, Openness, Selflessness, and Thoughtfulness, and how people see the person on a sliding scale of bad to good. An API is available that lets users pass a name (full name for best results) to URL using GET in the field 'sid' or POST using 'sid' and returns a JSON or JSONP (if the callback field is included in url). The API returns {'exists': false}, if person has not been created on Pictobar. Pictobar is an open platform for honest and anonymous feedback about people you know, and a great place for you to see how others perceive you. We ultimately want to create a place where we can gauge ourselves on a day to day basis with the help of the people around us.

Chile Gas Stations

Chile Gas Stations - -

sergiocampama Paid Usage

Provides the gas stations and prices nearest to a location. Works only on Chile.


rome2rio-10 - -

rome2rio Free

NOTE: This is version 1.0 of our API. Please use the latest version instead.

Word Cloud Maker

Word Cloud Maker - -

gatheringpoint Free

Generate Word Clouds from blocks of text. Multi color and different sizes illustrate the frequency, and the "vibe" of the bigger text. Try it with blog posts, article text, speeches, tweet histories, emails, or any other written word.

Sentiment Analysis for Twitter and Facebook

Sentiment Analysis for Twitter and Facebook - -

sentimental Paid Usage

The multilingual sentiment analysis API (with exceptional accuracy, 83.4% as opposed to industry standard of 65.4%, and available in Mandarin) from classifies social media texts as positive or negative, with a free daily allowance to get you started. The system uses advanced statistical models (machine learning & NLP) trained on social data, meaning the detection can handle slang, common misspellings, emoticons, hashtags, etc. You can use this API for free. If you require more flexibility and larger scale you can move up to a paid-for plan. Please note: The free plan offers 500 statuses classified per day - any use over this will be charged for. If you are using more than 500 statuses per day it is more cost effective to upgrade to one of the low cost, paid-for plans or contact us direct for an Enterprise offering.


Pwinty - -

pwinty Free

Pwinty lets you integrate photo and poster printing into your app or website, giving you an easy way to monitise it and delight your users

QR code generator

QR code generator - -

mutationevent Free

The Mutationevent QR code generator is a simple API that lets users quickly create QR codes. Users can pass in content such as text, URL and SMS and specify image size and quality. The API returns a URL path of the generated image. It uses HTTP calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

Spamhaus and Surbl REST interface

Spamhaus and Surbl REST interface - -

flagz Paid Usage

Rest api to verify if an url has been marked as spam using the well known spamhaus and surbl services. Supports: SpamHaus zen (SBL e-mail spam, XBL infected PCs, PBL unsolicited smtp traffic) Surbl multi (Spamcop, sa-blacklist, Outblaze, Abusebutler, Phishtank, Zeus tracker, jwSpamSpy, Prolocation)

DuckDuckGo Zero-click Info

DuckDuckGo Zero-click Info - -

duckduckgo Free

DuckDuckGo Zero-click Info includes topic summaries, categories, disambiguation, official sites, !bang redirects, definitions and more. You can use this API for many things, e.g. define people, places, things, words and concepts; provides direct links to other services (via !bang syntax); list related topics; and gives official sites when available. - -

djekl Free

This is an UNOFFICIAL Xbox LIVE API. You can use this API to collect data about gamertags, such as profile/played games/game achievement data. Please visit for more information


Sqoot - -

sqoot Free

Our API exposes tens of thousands of monetizable, local daily deals. Deals are categorized and searchable by location, distance, price and more.


Face - -

lambda Paid Usage

A computer vision api for facial recognition and facial detection that is a perfect replacement. We currently have a free api for face detection.


Text-Processing - -

japerk Paid Usage

Sentiment analysis, stemming and lemmatization, part-of-speech tagging and chunking, phrase extraction and named entity recognition.

Name Toolkit

Name Toolkit - -

nametoolkit Paid Usage

Name Toolkit is a domain name suggestion, registration and whois info provider. Our focus is on speed, simplicity and honesty.

Open Exchange Rates

Open Exchange Rates - -

joss Paid Usage

Real-time Exchange Rates designed just for Developers –– simple, fast and accurate JSON currency API, with prices for 161 world currencies, historical data back to 1999 –– jump over to for more info!


Trendn - -

bryanhun Paid Usage

Trendn aggregates the most viral and socially-shared content on the web. Ranking is based on social engagement, which refers to how interesting or relevant people have found an item or category to be. Examples of engagement include sharing with your friends, bookmarking an article, leaving a comment on a blog, or clicking a link to read a news item.

Contact Info Removal

Contact Info Removal - -

esseguin Paid Usage

A collection of functions that will remove contact information (phone numbers, email, and/or addresses) from a string - Developer - Developer - -

worldtimeengine Paid Usage

The Developer version of the World Time Engine API. This API is suitable for small to medium scale projects. If you need more queries per month than we provide via this version of our API then you should check out the enterprise version of this API, also available at the link above. - -

trustlinker-de Free

Decorate texts automatically and and trustlinks to them. Moreover find some nice Domain information like Pagerank, IPv4, IPv6, Domainage, CountryCode (Hosting) and WOT.


Frimann - -

funlake Free

This is a API for Frímann rental system. The goal is to provide complete access to all of Frímann's functions for our clients.

Query Classification

Query Classification - -

tdguest Free

This API can be used to find the topic of a keyword query. The topic for the query will be chosen from over 1500 predefined topics. This works best with query phrases like - "Star Wars", "Dell Inspiron 1420 price" This technology has been provided by Query Dynamics LLC ( This technology is being used to categorize tweets at a website called TweetDynamics ( To get the class for the query "Star Wars" submit a GET request to - The following JSON code will be returned: {"Answer": sci-fi movie} The category of the query is within the by the Answer tag. Some of the uses of this api are to create tools for online query analysis and offline query log analysis.

Porn Filter

Porn Filter - - Paid Usage

Scan images and image URLs to determine if they contain inappropriate content. Send us an image, and we will tell you if it's likely to be porn. A note about scanning for porn: Nothing in this world is perfect. Our API looks at skin tones, shapes and other cues to identify images that are likely to be inappropriate, but nothing is ever going to be perfect. Just like virus scanning, spam filters and other things, some false positives and missed hits will occur.

Bootic Product Search

Bootic Product Search - -

thebootic Free

Bootic is the marketplace to find a wide range of products. Bootic's Product Search API gives you direct access to all that our product search engine has to offer: keywords, products attributes, price ranges and many more features to find the exact product from the best online storefront on the Internet.


WebSpellChecker - -

webspellchecker Paid Usage web service provides suggestions for spelling corrections for specified text.


Ip2Country - -

orfeomorello Free

Look up country name and ISO code by IP v4 address

OCR recognition service

OCR recognition service - -

smart mobile software Paid Usage is an cloud based optical recognition engine. We take images as input and we reply with text as output. Checkout to learn more.


SeatGeek - -

seatgeek Free

SeatGeek is a ticket search site that aggregates sports, concert, and theater ticket listings from over 60 ticketing sites -- including StubHub and TicketsNow. The SeatGeek API provides developers with broad access to the company’s dataset of nearly 100,000 live events. The RESTful API returns requests in JSON, JSONP, and XML and can provide detailed information on venue lat/lon, average ticket price, seating location, and more. SeatGeek has a community portal that keeps a record of all support conversations and is a useful tool when looking to get questions answered. Sites can also monetize their content with SeatGeek's API by registering in SeatGeek's Partner Program. Each time a partner sends a referral to SeatGeek and they purchase a ticket, SeatGeek will pay their partner 50% of the revenue earned on that transaction. Currently users are averaging $11 per sale generated.

Flight Schedules - Multi Day - URI Method

Flight Schedules - Multi Day - URI Method - -

flightlookup Paid Usage

FlightLookup Route Service - Want to know the regular service between two airports over a date range? *Returns information for a specific route over a range of dates, *Flight Number, Origin, Destination, Times, Start Date End Date


Portrait3D - -

avatarion Paid Usage

Portrait3D API is based on Avatarion’s Tethys 3D™ solution, and provides software developers with a technology to create animated facial models based on photos.


Trivia - -

privnio Paid Usage

The Trivia API gives you access to 1000s of Trivia questions. New ones are being added all the time! The database is also being expanded with new categories and feedback mechanisms coming soon!!


skicams - -

makevoid Free

Italian Ski Webcam Database / API - more at: (italian)

Nudity Detection Service

Nudity Detection Service - -

rohan Paid Usage

The NDS API allows developers to check for nudity in images in real-time. If you have a very high usage feel free to message me for a private plan.


Profanity - - Paid Usage

From "fuster clucks" to 1337 speak, keeping track of profanity and blocking it in your app can be a real nightmare. The nsurePROFANITY API puts a stop to the f-bomb. - -

thefosk Paid Usage

An easy RESTful API for manipulating images and applying customizable filters in real-time. You can use the built-in filters or create your own ones on top of our filters. And not only filters: includes resize, rotate and crop functions among the others. No monthly price. Easy as $0.01 per filter. Maximum file size is 4MB.


Siri - -

pannous Paid Usage

"Siri as a service" The objective of this service is to provide you and your robot with the smartest answer to any natural language question, just like Siri. This service provides an interface to the standard functions that users demand of modern voice assistants. For example chatting, looking up information, creating messages and much much more. It also provides useful metadata such as sentence analysis and entity extraction that goes beyond simple chatting and voice commands. Over 3 million users have already been in contact with this API: Examples: For examples and documentation see

Flight Schedules - Multi Day - REST Method

Flight Schedules - Multi Day - REST Method - -

flightlookup Paid Usage

FlightLookup Route Service - Want to know the regular service between two airports over a date range? *Returns information for a specific route over a range of dates, *Flight Number, Origin, Destination, Times, Start Date End Date


RAE - -

darioherrera Paid Usage

Diccionario de la Real Academia Española (RAE)

Email Validator

Email Validator - -

pozzad Free

Checks for fake DNS as well as uses regex functions to check the email for the right length and accepted characters. For example it will mark as valid an email like '' but it will recognize as a fake '' (because of the not existing domain)


StockTwits - -

stocktwits Free

StockTwits provides a social communications platform and social graph for anyone interested in the markets and investing.


rethumb - -

pmav Free

This API creates (and host) thumbnails from images. Resize by width, height and crop to create squares.

Face Recognition

Face Recognition - -

lambda Paid Usage

Stephen here from Lambda Labs. For sample code and a graphical demo, check out Our API provides face recognition, facial detection, eye position, nose position, mouth position, and gender classification. If you have any questions ask! Just send an email to Happy Hacking! -Stephen


musiXmatch - - Free

The fastest, most powerful and legal way to display lyrics on your website or in your application. Today. A complete music catalogue featuring 640k artists and 13M of tracks organized by albums. A powerful search engine including all our library is available through our api. Every artist/track/album has a score (1-100) based on our api requests, this is our rating. You can sort the artist/track/albums search results by this rating providing the most relevant content for your users. musiXmatch lyrics API is a robust service that permits you to search a complete music catalogue and retrieve lyrics in the simplest possible way. It just works.


Sidebuy - -

sidebuy Free

Daily Deals and Coupons Aggregator


Capitalizer - -

sprawk Paid Usage

Changes the capitalization of input text based on language style rules - supports over 20 languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Swedish, Indonesian and more.

Google Geocoding

Google Geocoding - -

shatsar Free

This is a simple, unofficial wrapper for Google Geocoding API

Flight Schedules - One Day - REST Method

Flight Schedules - One Day - REST Method - -

flightlookup Paid Usage

FlightLookup Timetable - Access our worldwide schedules including low cost carriers and build connections using the dynamic connections engine. If you are looking for airline schedules to provide timetables this is the service for you. *Origin and Destination, *Worldwide passenger airline flight schedules, *Single Day, 7 day and Multi-day lookups, *Search criteria includes: Time/Airline/Interline/Number of Routes/Number of Connections, etc, *Route Information, *Detail Segment Information

Texas Hold Em

Texas Hold Em - -

vincy Free

With this API you can easily develop a poker texas holdem game, just design the graphic.

Cloudlibs Text Analytics

Cloudlibs Text Analytics - -

prashanthellina Free

Maps any text content to relevant Wikipedia articles


oDeskTemp - -

harryanderson35 Free

Refactoring oDesk APIs


Checklist - -

checklist Free

The Checklist API gives you access to our To Do Task Management platform. Help your users Get Things Done!


Proxies - -

webknox Paid Usage

The WebKnox proxies API lets you retrieve public proxies. We try to keep a list of fresh, unblocked, high responsive, and alive proxies. Public proxies come and go so it is not guaranteed that they are available at the point of retrieval. You can improve proxy delivery by sending feedback whether a proxy is blocked or dead.


Domainr - -

nbio Free

Worldwide domain search. Docs:

C24 Validation Service

C24 Validation Service - - Paid Usage

With this API you can validate SWIFT message. Specify the appropriate SWIFT Standard to use and the message to validate. You will get the validation result, and the eventual parsing or validation errors.


Keywords - -

webknox Paid Usage

The WebKnox keyword API gives you access to keyword data. You can find information about keywords such as how often they are searched, how many competing pages there are on Google. You may also get a list of related keywords to your given keywords.

Random Integer Generator

Random Integer Generator - -

120044 Paid Usage

Generates a random Integer between given boundaries

ImageVision - NuditySearch

ImageVision - NuditySearch - -

imagevision Paid Usage

ImageVision's NuditySearch - Recognizing nudity is a highly complex problem. NuditySearch tackles this problem by recognizing anatomical attributes and determining if there is nudity in images. Beta version of ImageVision's NuditySearch Engine Find out more at Keywords: nude, nudity detection, nudity recognition, nudity filter, porn detection, porn filter, image protection, image analysis, image detection, computer vision, image scan, BigPicture, ImageVision, porn. Big Data,

Online font converter

Online font converter - -

warting Free

Convert fonts from one format to another

Currency converter

Currency converter - -

warting Free

Simple and free currency converter. Insert an amount, what currency to convert from and what currency to convert to. This API is free to use!


IDlight - -

ddossot Free

Public identity lookup service. IDlight uses established and emerging standards like Webfinger, XRD and hCard to retrieve public profiles and render them under a unified format, either proprietary to IDlight or compliant to Portable Contacts. XML aficionados can find the WADL here: The support forum is there:

Heck Yes Markdown

Heck Yes Markdown - -

thefosk Free



ScoreBig - - Free

Search discount sports & events inventory that is always below box office price. Guaranteed. Our tickets are always authentic & valid for entry.


DriveFarm - -

zero12srl Free

DRIVEFARM is a new cloud file manager, projected and developed to help little and medium companies in their daily maintenance of their documents assets. With DRIVEFARM you can optimize your company procedures, sharing projects, contracts and catalogues with your work team. DRIVEFARM allows the management and personalization of every single employee profile and correlated privileges. Every company member can share his/her files and documents with other inner or outer colleagues, directly from Web or Mobile App. DRIVEFARM tracks files sharing and sending activities, respecting privacy rules. The company manager can verify members usage of documents assets and identify any company policies not compliant activity.


Convert - -

parsify Paid Usage

Platform agnostic API to convert your markup, styling, and templating documents on the fly with caching, viewing, and premium features such as analytics for your conversions. Currently markup, styling, and templating languages supported is markdown, textile, less, sass, jade, hogan, dust, ejs, handlebars, jazz, swig, stylus, and whiskers. If you would like to talk about better pricing, more features, or ideas... Let us know!

Yoda Speak

Yoda Speak - -

ismaelc Free

Turn your sentences and webpage into Yoda-speak! Credits to for providing this service. This API is a test in progress, and still sitting on a dev sandbox. Things might break quite often.


Jeannie - -

pannous Paid Usage

Jeannie (Voice Actions) is a virtual assistant with over two Million downloads, now also available via API. The objective of this service is to provide you and your robot with the smartest answer to any natural language question, just like Siri. This service provides an interface to the standard functions that users demand of modern voice assistants. For example chatting, looking up information, creating messages and much much more. It also provides useful metadata such as sentence analysis and entity extraction that goes beyond simple chatting and voice commands. Over 2 million users have already been in contact with this API: Examples: Complete documentation:

Recommendation Engine

Recommendation Engine - - Paid Usage

Provide automated product or service recommendations based on your customers preferences. Several recommendation algorithms are provided. Experiment with the different algorithms to find which produces the best results with your data. You can find more documentation for these algorithms on our website at:

Text Spinner

Text Spinner - -

pozzad Free

This API exposes an endpoint which can spin a text containing a spinning expression syntax by generating a list of different variations.

Flight Routing

Flight Routing - -

laiello Paid Usage

Get flight routing options (currently covers European and US airspace). For European airspace, retrieve both CFMU validated (time sensitive) and older (now invalid) routing options. Disclaimer: This should not be used as the sole flight routing verification without confirming with the necessary authorities or manually with actual charts.

Weather and Forecast

Weather and Forecast - -

metwit Paid Usage

Howdy Developer, if you are looking for a *weather* API then you search is over! Metwit born as a crowdsourced platform for gathering *real-time* weather reports from real people. After more then ten thousand users started to using our apps and send a massive amount of reports, we decided to release those precious reports through our APIs. And that's not all: we're also offering a single gateway for multiple, hard to parse, sources of forecasts like NOAA, and we're enhancing them with social data like photos, tweets, etc., that we leverage from existing social networks. If you want to try it without a credit card, please go to:

Block Disposable Email

Block Disposable Email - - Free

The api helps to detect domains of disposable email address services such as, spamgourmet. In other words: if you need to keep your userbase clean you should avoid throw-away, one-time, instant, temporary email addresses. That's what this api is designed for. BTW: no false positives.


EgyptoName - -

priore Paid Usage

EgyptoName translate your name and create a beautiful image using the Egyptian Hieroglyphics.


Tagdef - -

snokleby Free is the worlds largest hashtag dictionary. Use this api to access these definitions. The content is user-generated, and the directory currently contains over 60.000 definitions. The hashtags can have many definitions each, ordered by user-votes. The hashtags are often related to Twitter , but is also commonly used on Pinterest and Google+ . This API is free to use, but you must provide a clickable link back to the page for the given tag when using information from the API. This link can be found in the uri part of the reply.


DeveloperWeekCompTicket - -

adammagaluk Free

This api returns a description of why I want the complimentary passes Mashape is giving out for the DeveloperWeek 2013 passes.

MyMemory - Translation Memory

MyMemory - Translation Memory - -

translated Paid Usage

Get a better translation! MyMemory is the world's largest Translation Memory. It contains billions of words translated by professional translators. MyMemory will give you a machine translation (Google, Microsoft or our) only when a human translation is not available.

Is it up

Is it up - -

sjparkinson Free

Allows you to check if a given website is up or down with various useful data.

Travel Dreams

Travel Dreams - -

rg2345 Free

This API provides travel data and is an entry point for a travel API platform. You will have access to a wide variety of real-time information to create your own travel product. For more information, please visit ""

Geocode Location Lookup

Geocode Location Lookup - -

montanaflynn Free

Geocode and reverse lookup location information by IP address, address, or latitude / longitude coordinates. - -

mardix Free provides a single REST API to access adults videos from the best adults sites like XVideos, RedTube and Eporner, which you can embed on your own sites or blog. The REST API gives you access to videos' title, description,duration, thumbnails , and the embed url to play the video directly in your player.

Text To Voice

Text To Voice - -

yambal Free

Testing API テスト中です テスト中です テスト中です テスト中です テスト中です

Free Natural Language Processing Service

Free Natural Language Processing Service - -

loudelement Free

100% free service including sentiment analysis, content extraction, and language detection. Enjoy!


osmpois - - Free

Almost 8 million points of interest (POI) extracted from the OpenStreetMap database. It includes hotels, camps, restaurants, bars, public transportation stops, places for sport or leisure activities and much more. is flexible and extremely fast API for various large volume Open Data sets. Visit the web site to see all available data.


postalcodes - - Free

About 900,000 postal codes around the globe included an estimated latitude and longitude information. is flexible and extremely fast API for various large volume Open Data sets. Visit the web site to see all available data.

Twitter Avatar

Twitter Avatar - -

snaptwit Free

This is is a RESTful API to a Twitter user's avatar.


OpenCNAM - -

rdegges Paid Usage

A simple Caller ID API. You give us a phone number, we'll tell you who the person is.


Pagepeeker - -

pagepeeker Free

Automate website screenshots creation. Generate screenshots in a matter of seconds. Never busy, so there's no waiting in line. Rendering starts immediately and is finished quickly.

Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition - -

mycaption Paid Usage

Speech Recognition API. Convert speech to text using automatic speech recognition. Very simple -- upload audio, get transcription back. Speech Recognition provides fast, inexpensive conversion of speech to text. It uses machine-based (automatic) speech recognition technology. Accuracy depends on background noise, speaker accent, and clarity of enunciation. Best suited for data mining and inexpensive message transcription (including voicemail).


TweetSentiments - -

intridea Paid Usage

Returns the sentiment of Tweets. Two online APIs call the Twitter API to analyze Tweets from a given Twitter user or Tweets returned by a Twitter search query. The offline API analyzes texts of Tweets you've already got, one Tweet at a time.


Truthy - -

truthy Free

Write scripts to work with our data, statistics, and images using the API. Download tweet volume over time, network layout, and statistics about memes and users, such as predicted political partisanship, sentiment score, language, and activity.

Facebook Graph

Facebook Graph - -

community Free

Facebook Graph API. (For demo purposes only). You can also use FQL using the "fql" parameter. You need to create an app in to get this to work (check the Readme section)


Textibility - -

ideasynthesis Paid Usage

Textibility provides a simple, REST API for extracting information from images and documents in a number of formats and generating images and documents from structured data. With a simple, clean HTTP interface and some clever processing we can quickly and easily unlock information captured in photographs and file uploads. A couple of examples supported by the API: Decode a barcode from a photograph. Generating a barcode for a product (UPC), a boarding pass (PDF417) or to point to a URL or describe a contact (QR).

Email Search by EmailSherlock

Email Search by EmailSherlock - -

infopay Free

A reverse email search conducted at can help determine the identity of the owner of an unknown address that shows up in your inbox. You can also use this free email search service to learn more about an address you found in your address book or perhaps in connection with an online ad you're considering responding to.


Heyzap - -

heyzap Free

Welcome to the Heyzap API. This API gives you access to most of the data Heyzap makes available on our Android and iOS applications, including games, activity and users on the Heyzap network.


Hashy - -

visup Free

Generates a Bitly / TinyURL / Youtube style unique string ID given a progressive integer as input. Use it for very custom and compact URL shortening, ID generation or anything you like :-)


JailBase - -

jailbase Free

JailBase provides mugshots and arrest information to the public for free. We have an easy to use web api so your website or application can access our extensive county jail inmate data. Using the API, you can search for arrested and booked individuals in county jails. The web service uses a REST interface to make calls and returns results in JSON (JSONP is also supported). Calls to the webservice do not require a developer key, however they are rate limited (see terms of use). If you have questions or comments, please contact us. Use our api to search for county jail mugshots today.

Local Diffusion

Local Diffusion - -

localdiffusion Free

Local Diffusion, a leading provider of local businesses’ contents (opening hours, menus, special offers, pictures...), has a free API that enables publishers to implements thousands of local businesses’ data over major cities in France. Thus, publishers can integrate contents such as menus or special offers directly into their framework to improve user experience, increase key digital metrics and to avoid their users to leave their website to go to competitors. The API allows applications to search for businesses by ID number or address, and to retrieve addresses, contact information, business hours, related services, accepted payment methods, menus and much more... Visit to find out more – or email LD directly at - Enterprise - Enterprise - -

worldtimeengine Paid Usage

The Enterprise version of the World Time Engine API for seriously big project needs. At this level of service we run a cloud-based, high-availability, fault-tolerant server farm that is capable of processing a huge number of queries that currently already serves a number of Fortune 500 companies. If you have any further questions, please visit us at the link above. We are always on-hand to discuss your individual project needs!



community Free

FOAAS (Fuck Off As A Service) provides a modern, RESTful, scalable solution to the common problem of telling people to fuck off.


Dictionary - -

montanaflynn Free

English dictionary that provides multiple definitions for most words.

Earthquake Seismology

Earthquake Seismology - -

montanaflynn Free

We provide REST API with JSON output for earthquake data that is present in Seismi. At the moment we don't have frequency limitations or api keys. Please use sparingly. We only refresh our caches every hour so it is pointless to call api more frequently.

Burst SMS NZ

Burst SMS NZ - -

burstsms Paid Usage

Our powerful web API allows you to build apps that can send and receive SMS. Use standard web languages to build applications that speak to global SMS carriers. No need to worry about complex SMPP servers or hosting SMS servers. Just send us your messages using our clean clear API calls and we will deliver it for you quickly and send you back confirmations or replies.

Burst SMS Australia

Burst SMS Australia - -

burstsms Paid Usage

Our powerful web API allows you to build apps that can send and receive SMS. Use standard web languages to build applications that speak to global SMS carriers. No need to worry about complex SMPP servers or hosting SMS servers. Just send us your messages using our clean clear API calls and we will deliver it for you quickly and send you back confirmations or replies.

Burst SMS Singapore

Burst SMS Singapore - -

burstsms Paid Usage

Our powerful web API allows you to build apps that can send and receive SMS. Use standard web languages to build applications that speak to global SMS carriers. No need to worry about complex SMPP servers or hosting SMS servers. Just send us your messages using our clean clear API calls and we will deliver it for you quickly and send you back confirmations or replies.

Burst SMS UK

Burst SMS UK - -

burstsms Paid Usage

Our powerful web API allows you to build apps that can send and receive SMS. Use standard web languages to build applications that speak to global SMS carriers. No need to worry about complex SMPP servers or hosting SMS servers. Just send us your messages using our clean clear API calls and we will deliver it for you quickly and send you back confirmations or replies.


Backlinks - -

ismaelc Free

This Backlinks API is powered by Google Custom Search. You would need to create a Custom Search Engine to get this to work. Please check the Getting Started section for details


TextTeaser - -

mojojolo Free

For a dedicated instance, business support, or an enterprise solution of TextTeaser, send me an email at This is for demo purpose only. Don't use it in a production environment. TextTeaser is an automatic summarization API. It extracts the most important sentences of an article. The purpose of the API is to provide a preview of what the article is all about. The API accepts the text of the article, and it will return the summary / most important sentences in it. If you want to know the quality of the teasers, check out my Medium post:


Imgur - -

imgur Paid Usage

Imgur's API exposes the entire Imgur infrastructure via a standardized programmatic interface. Using Imgur's API, you can do just about anything you can do on, while using your programming language of choice. If you're familiar with the APIs of Twitter, Amazon's S3,, or a host of other web services, you'll feel right at home. The full documentation is available at:

ESA Semantic Relatedness

ESA Semantic Relatedness - -

amtera Paid Usage

Calculates the semantic relatedness between pairs of text excerpts based on the likeness of their meaning or semantic content.

World Addresses

World Addresses - -

allies Free

International address lookup from World Addresses, the international address experts. Easy-to-integrate, add it to your website or app in minutes.

Storenvy Public JSON

Storenvy Public JSON - -

storenvy Free

In addition to the API Storenvy also provides publicly available read-only JSON objects of each store's public-facing contents. These endpoints don't require any authentication and don't require that you register as a developer. The base url for this service is <storenvy-subdomain>

Verify Email

Verify Email - -

fetch Paid Usage

A simple api that checks if an email address is valid and exists. It checks the format of the address then tries to contact the server to make sure the address exists.

Sentence Analyzer

Sentence Analyzer - -

sentlizer Paid Usage

This text processing API will analyze a 25 words sentence long and predict if it is a question, complain , praise , comment or a spam. A spam is a sentence that does not meet the US-UK english structure or does not make sense as a question,complain praise or comment.


CamFind - -

imagesearcher Paid Usage

CamFind API is the image recognition and reverse image search that powers the popular mobile visual search engine app, CamFind. It is the welcomed replacement for the void left following the purchase of IQ Engines by Yahoo!. CamFind API promises to be the best solution for state of the art image recognition and reverse image recognition, which developers can incorporate into both apps and web applications.

US Phone Number Lookup

US Phone Number Lookup - -

cosmin Free

Insert an US phone number ( Digits only, 0 - 9 ) and retrieve details like approximate latitude and longitude, city, county and some other details about it. Update: Added OpenCNAM API. ( )


Data.Police.UK - -

stolenbikes88 Free

This is the unofficial documentation for the Data.Police.UK API.

Food facts

Food facts - -

glennbech Paid Usage

An API for facts about food. It contains detailed information for over 7500 food items. The database contains over 500,000 data points. This API Also contains a full text search of food descriptions, scientific names and manufacturers making searches like "Coca cola company", and latin names for herbs possible. The API is fast, returning long search results in pages, where you decide page size (up to 50 items per page) You can also convert to gram measurements from common house hold measurements like cups, tablespoons and cans.

Cat Overflow

Cat Overflow - -

montanaflynn Free

Undocumented API I found browsing's source code. [unofficial]

My Maturing Deposits

My Maturing Deposits - -

rsachdeva Paid Usage

Submit all your deposits in JSON format. Each deposit has a start date and duration in weeks, days, months or years. Also, set a check date (can be any date or todays date) for when you want to do a maturity check and an alert days duration after check date. This alert days duration is period after the maturity check date that you want to include (says todays date plus 20 days from now). It will send back deposits on which you have to take action- those that are maturing before calculated date = check date + alert duration days passed. For each deposit included in response it also send approximate maturing date. The API accepts JSON body and sends response as JSON. This API can be used for investor apps to track when to renew and move the deposits to the right high yield interest generating accounts.

Textalytics Media Analysis

Textalytics Media Analysis - -

textalytics Free

Textalytics Media Analysis API analyzes mentions, topics, opinions and facts in all types of media. This API provides services for: - Sentiment analysis - Extracts positive and negative opinions according to the context. - Entities extraction - Identifies persons, companies, brands, products, etc. and provides a canonical form that unifies different mentions (IBM, International Business Machines Corporation, etc.) - Topic and keyword extraction - Facts and other key information - Dates, URLs, addresses, user names, e-mails and money amounts. - Thematic classification - Organize information by topic using IPTC standard classification (more than 200 categories hierarchically structured). - Configured for different type of media: microblogging and social networks, blogs and news - All features available in Spanish and English


Recipes - -

webknox Paid Usage

The WebKnox Recipe API allows you to access over 250,000 recipes. It allows users to search for recipes using natural language such as "gluten free brownies without sugar". Furthermore, several widgets to visualize ingredient lists, price breakdowns, and recipe cards are available. The API can also answer natural language questions related to nutrition such as "vitamin c in 3 apples" and classify recipes into over 20 cuisines.

Web screenshot

Web screenshot - -

shepik Paid Usage

Given a page url, it creates a screenshot and returns it's url


ThesHub - -

dtitov Free

Multilingual thesaurus: get words, translate words, detect languages, whatever... - -

snellingio Free provides a free oEmbed endpoint for your application! Don't know what oEmbed is? Visit ( to learn how you can represent a URL on third party sites. Local School Database Local School Database - -

community Free

We've enabled JSON access to the database that powers the local school search. Our goal is to enable third-parties to take advantage of our database, in order to build local search engines or other applications beyond the simple local search we provide. All information that is publicly available via our search engine is exposed via JSON - public contact info is listed, but private contact info is not. The data behind the school database is licensed via the Creative Commons attribution license - you can use the data as you wish, but please give attribution.

Textalytics Semantic Linked Data Viewer 1.1

Textalytics Semantic Linked Data Viewer 1.1 - -

textalytics Free

This service connects extracted entities and concepts to related semantic linked data. The main source of external information used is DBpedia, which provides structured data extracted from Wikipedia (check the DBpedia Data Set to read more on how this is done). Through a specific identifier, a number of attributes associated to an element are returned in the language specified by the user, allowing to expand the information already extracted through other Textalytics' services (such as Topics Extraction or Lemmatization, POS and Parsing).

Textalytics Spelling Grammar and Style Proofreading 1.1

Textalytics Spelling Grammar and Style Proofreading 1.1 - -

textalytics Free

A service for automatic proofreading of multilingual texts. This API uses multilingual Natural Language Processing technology to check the spelling, grammar and style of your texts with high accuracy, in order to provide precise and up-to-date suggestions and educational explanations based on references. The current supported languages are Spanish, English, French and Italian.


iRail - -

pietercolpaert Free

Search for train trips in Belgium using the iRail API. You can search for train departures in a certain station and search for all the stations in Belgium.


Evercontact - -

brad patterson Free

Evercontact will allow you to extract contact information from an email and turn them into vCards. With it you can 1) Update an enterprise’s CRM 2) Create/Update client lists with complete contact information 3) Sync an Address Book with the most up-to-date contact data... and more! To access the API, request an API access key on our website.


Plotly - -

plotly Free

Scientific graphing and plotting libraries for making interactive, web-ready, publication-quality graphs. Your data and graphs are always together. This means you can code, analyze, store, share, and collaborate in Plotly. Available for Python, R, MATLAB, Arduino, REST, Julia, and Perl.

IP to Lat Lng

IP to Lat Lng - -

mgwhitfield Free

Easily convert your IP into detailed location JSON


IndieDB - -

skylight Free

[BETA] Unofficial IndieDB API for getting indie games details.


Web - -

webknox Paid Usage

This WebKnox web API lets you process Web pages. You can detect (publish, modified dates, language), extract (author, content, facts), and rank (using a service or rating the quality).

Stremor Content Extractor - Fast Web Page Extraction for Simple and Magazine Templates

Stremor Content Extractor - Fast Web Page Extraction for Simple and Magazine Templates - -

stremor Paid Usage

Extract the html for the main content of any page on the internet. This API strips away headers, footers, navigation, comments, and other unwanted debris, providing only the core content. This API Works much like Readability.Js, but from the server side, and has been optimized to work on more sites, and to handle multiple content blocks found in magazine layouts like uses.

PhantomJs.Cloud - Web Browser and Webpage processing as a Service

PhantomJs.Cloud - Web Browser and Webpage processing as a Service - -

novaleaf Free

Do you need to screen-scrape Javascript Websites? PhantomJs.Cloud is - A web-browser hosted as a service, using Chrome WebKit to render your javascript heavy webpages as HTML, JPEG, PDF, or JSON. - A Cloud of PhantomJS instances to process more than 100 pages per second. - A REST API allowing you to request and obtain your pages. - A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) with free plans, and paid plans starting at $1 for 5,000 pages. (BitCoin and Free plan available)

Extracts news data from any HTML page with news blocks

Extracts news data from any HTML page with news blocks - -

ivbeg Free

API produces news data as JSON from list of news blocks on any page


ScrapeGoat - -

warting Free

This is an api that let's you specify an url and a CSS3 selector or an regexp and get the result as a JSON object. The API can also take screenshots of a webpage, prerendered with javascript or not, and return it as a PNG-image.

LayURL - LayeredURL Shortener

LayURL - LayeredURL Shortener - -

kyroskoh Free

LayURL is an URL Shortener. Features with custom-naming, password-protected, private-access, QR code generated, expiry-with-date, expiry-by-view-count, etc. Public stats available. Read more: - An Project.

Postcodes 4 U UK Address Finder

Postcodes 4 U UK Address Finder - -

samsinfield Free

Search the Royal Mail PAF database for a list of addresses from a UK postcode or search for an address based on address id


Twilio - -

ismaelc Free

Twilio powers the future of business communications, enabling phones (SMS, calls), VoIP, and messaging to be embedded into web, desktop, and mobile software. We take care of the messy telecom hardware and expose a globally available cloud API that developers can interact with to build intelligent & complex communications systems. As your app’s usage scales up or down, Twilio automatically scales with you.


thedogapi - -

nijikokun Free

Jazz up your Applications / content with all the dogs it can handle. Random dog image generator / permalink generator.


thedogapi - -

nijikokun Free

Jazz up your Applications / content with all the dogs it can handle. Random dog image generator / permalink generator.


thedogapi - -

nijikokun Free

Jazz up your Applications / content with all the dogs it can handle. Random dog image generator / permalink generator.


Showcase - -

doyoubuzz Free

The Showcase API allows companies or universities to access their private CV database.


BitcoinAverage - -

community Free

BitcoinAverage is an open source project designed to provide weighted average bitcoin price calculation. It utilises all exchanges where price and volume data is available. Price is a weighted average. Meaning that for every exchange the last trade price and last 24h trading volume is taken, each exchange contributes to the final price only to the extent of it's current trading volume. You can send an email to Also you can tweet us at, comment on our thread at or get in touch via github.

Social Media Email Search

Social Media Email Search - -

vondrakk Paid Usage

This API allows searching the popular social networks (facebook, linkedin, twitter, tumblr, myspace) for an email address. If found, the site ID will be returned.

phantomjscloud uat

phantomjscloud uat - -

novaleaf Free

PRERELEASE and TESTING functionality! If you want to try out our new features, you can do it here, but things may break often! Please use our stable api instead. - -

retsly Free

Retsly is a backend as a service that aggregates and enhances MLS data and implements a cohesive realtime API as well as an open source SDK for developing data driven real estate products in the most efficient and compliant environment available to date.

Stupeflix video.reverse - Create backward playing videos

Stupeflix video.reverse - Create backward playing videos - -

stupeflix Free

Create a reversed video file of custom dimensions. Full API specs at


Question-Answering - -

webknox Paid Usage

The WebKnox question-answering API allows you to find answers to natural language questions. These questions can be factual such as "What is the capital of Australia" or more complex.


Autosuggest - -

jchencha Paid Usage

This API provides spelling suggestions for misspelled words.


PsychSignal - -

psychsignal Free

The most granular real time financial sentiment API in the world. - -

scrape Paid Usage

Automagically extracts data from a URL without the need to write a script.

Indian Mobile Number Info

Indian Mobile Number Info - -

blaazetech Free

Just give any indian 10-digit mobile number and get its information easily via this api. (Currently not supported-now also supports mnp status checking in few major networks.)


hello - -

wy163storm Free


Pinterest to JSON

Pinterest to JSON - -

novaleaf Free

Export ALL the data on ANY Pinterest page as JSON. This free API is built with PhantomJsCloud's InjectedScripts feature.


Text2Voice - -

june yamamoto Paid Usage

When this API appoints a text, I give back the URL of the audio file that converted a text into a sound. テキストを音声ファイルに変換し、そのファイルのURLを返します。

l33t sp34k

l33t sp34k - -

montanaflynn Free

Want to sound like a hacker? Translate text to and from l33t sp34k!111eleven!!!

Unicode Obfuscator

Unicode Obfuscator - -

bheithaus Paid Usage

Obfuscate words with this simple Unicode Codex. It is very simple to use, and works with words and sentences. We hope you enjoy it, let us know where you put it to use.


Crawlera - -

scrapinghub Paid Usage

Safely download web pages without the fear of overloading websites or getting banned. - -

maccman Free

Source talented software engineers Search through our database of over 4 million developers to find the right match for your team.

Baby Pig Pictures

Baby Pig Pictures - -

nijikokun Free

Jazz up your Applications / content with all the baby pigs it can handle. Random piglet image generator / permalink generator. Create a placeholder system, or default avatars!

English to Pirate Translator

English to Pirate Translator - -

laiello Free

Translate English to Pirate for International Pirate Day (September 19th) or just for fun! Translation Dictionary Courtesy of Christian Heilmann.


PassKit - -

passkit Free

PassKit: Create, Distribute and Manage Apple Passbook Passes. PassKit is a set of tool and methods that allow businesses and developers quickly, easily and affordably design, create, distribute, update, analyse and manage content for Apple Passbook. PassKit helps you and your business at every step of the Passbook Pass Lifecycle. API to access PassKit. 1. Create passkit API account; 2. Goto:{mashape username}; 3. Authenticate with API KEY and SECRET; - pairs mashape with PassKit account


Flight - -

orfeomorello Free

Find the flight distance informations between any two places on the earth

Address Correction and Geocoding

Address Correction and Geocoding - -

yurisw Free

YAddress performs correction, validation, standardization and geocoding of US addresses. It combines the cleansing of addresses and determination of their location on the map into a single-pass process. YAddress corrects thousands of common misspellings, abbreviations, and alternative names for cities and streets. It returns the corrected addresses in the USPS-standard form with proper abbreviations and assigns correct ZIP and ZIP+4 codes as well as other address parameters, such as county, FIPS codes, census tract and block numbers, etc.

Email Validation

Email Validation - -

montanaflynn Free

Validates an email address based on syntax and dns. Includes common spelling mistakes.

Scrappy - Web Scraper for HTML5 Microdata Semantic Elements

Scrappy - Web Scraper for HTML5 Microdata Semantic Elements - -

netfluid framework Free

Scrappy is a tool for extract any kind of semantic microdata from any given URL

Love As A Service

Love As A Service - -

nichochar Free

LOVE-aas (Love As A Service) provides a modern, RESTful, scalable solution to the common problem spreading the love. Love As A Service was build out of love, as an answer to the Fuck Off As A Service Project

HN Search

HN Search - -

speedblue Free

This API is built on top of Algolia Search's API. It enables developers to access HN (Hacker News) data programmatically using a REST API. This documentation describes how to request data from the API and how to interpret the response.

VentureDeal Venture Capital Transaction

VentureDeal Venture Capital Transaction - -

venturedeal Paid Usage

VentureDeal provides customized XML data feed APIs tracking activity in the venture-backed technology startup ecosystem in North America. XML data feeds utilize the UTF-8 standard.

RFC Generator Mexico

RFC Generator Mexico - -

jfhe88 Free


360 Business Tool

360 Business Tool - -

hoyer Free

360 Business Tool er et dansk designet og udviklet CRM & virksomhedssystem. Målrettet til små og mellemstore virksomheder. Hostet i skyen med oppetidsgaranti og fuld backup. Udviklet for at øge produktiviteten i virksomheden ved at samle alle nødvendige funktioner i ét system. Business in a box 360 Business Tool er en komplet løsning, der indeholder alle de funktioner, en virksomhed har brug for. CRM, tilbudsgivning, budgettering, time/sag, tidsregistrering, fakturering, marketing, nyhedsbreve og meget mere. 360 Business Tool integrerer til dit eksisterende økonomisystem, kalender, email, lager, lønsystem, bank og meget mere. Vi tilbyder et SOAP baseret API som kan bruges du bla: •Uploade bilag •Checke en kundes saldo •Udføre kreditcheck •Registrere tid

Face and Scene recognition provided by

Face and Scene recognition provided by - -

orbeus Free alternative! Our fast, robust and scalable rekognition engine can do facial detection, crawling, recognition, scene understanding! It can be automatically trained using images and tags on Facebook! Please visit or email me in mashape to register free quota!

BlipADeal Worldwide Deals

BlipADeal Worldwide Deals - -

blipadeal Free

The Blip-A-Deal API allows you to utilise our database of over 6 million daily deals and coupons annually from over 14 countries around the globe. We currently have a presence in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom and United States. You can find deals based on free text, keyword, categorisation and location. The Blip-A-Deal API will make it easy to find deals that are geographically close to where you are, deals in a selected location and can even find deals that match certain free text criteria. For countries that dont have english as their primary language, translations are also provide for native and english languages. There are different ways to invoke the API so to find out more information about the API and to gain access please visit If there are any bugs, problems or any general feedback please feel free to let us know


FacturaElectronicaMexicoPruebas - -

socializando Free

Obtén todos los servicios relacionados con la factura electrónica mexicana, desde comprar facturas, realizar facturación, revender facturas, validar las mismas, etc. Nota: este Api es de prueba utilízalo para desarrollar cuando ya lo tengas funcionando, deberás utilizar el otro Api (Producción) para comenzar a facturar.

ERMAHGERD Translator

ERMAHGERD Translator - -

jmillerdesign Paid Usage

This translates text to ERMAHGERD. See demo:

instant PDF

instant PDF - -

yogthos Free

This API allows generating PDFs using JSON markup. The API accepts HTTP POST requests and returns PDF documents. Further documentation is available at


Infusionsoft - -

thedrake Free

Connects to Infusionsoft Application


SmartPeaGrocerySalesAPI - -

smartpea Free

SmartPea API is a RESTful API designed for developers who want to access to hyper-localized grocery deals data. We collect grocery deals information at real time from over 40 national retailers across US. To query SmartPea API, simply query:{grocery item title}&zip={zipcode} E.g. to query juice deals within zip code 92116, just query For each searched grocery item, we show the following information: Title, Retailer's name, Image, Description, Deal restriction, Current price, Regular price, Savings, Nutritional facts: including calories, fat, cholesterol, sodium, potassium, sugar, fiber, carb, protein, Nutrition rating, Nutrition highlight: including whether the item includes ingredients that may pose a health concern, User rating, User comments. Please contact us at if you have any questions with regard to SmartPea API.

Viralheat Sentiment

Viralheat Sentiment - -

electic Free

Viralheat sentiment is free API and allows users to submit short chunks of text for sentiment scoring.

Password Tools

Password Tools - -

pozzad Paid Usage

Provides a set of API for generating strong passwords, checking a password strength, generating a password hash and verifying it.

Solar geometry

Solar geometry - -

tadatoshi Free

Calculates the geometry of the Sun such as the direction of the sunlight on the panel such as solar panel.


Wallpapers - -

interfacelift Paid Usage

Download high-resolution wallpapers for any common screen size from


MyCloudPortal.NET - -

swiftredvette Free

MyCloudPortal.NET API gives you a wide array of free tools for quickly creating webpages, blog posts, newsletters, email, social, and more.

Local Streamer

Local Streamer - -

orfeomorello Free is a geolocation system that collects informations by searching facebook statuses and twitter updates. The system offers to the developers some free api to work with features in LBS (Location-Based Services).

Virus Filter

Virus Filter - - Paid Usage

You send us a file or a URL of a file, and we will tell you if it contains a virus. Super cool, super easy. Wanna test it out? Send the eicar test virus as a Base64 encoded string, or send us a link to the file online! Learn more about the Eicar test file at:


Language - - Paid Usage

You give us some text, and we will tell you the language. We know about 50 or so languages, and are over 90% accurate when we have more than 20 words of text to scan. With short text, use the probability result to get a better sense of what language(s) you could be seeing.


DMOZ - -

enclout Free

This API retrieves DMOZ category for a given domain

Flight Number Lookup - REST Method

Flight Number Lookup - REST Method - -

flightlookup Paid Usage

FlightLookup Flight Metadata - Need to know the details of a flight or its route then this is a quick lookup service. *Metadata on Specific Flight, *Arrive, Depart, Times, Days of operation, Operating Carrier, Terminal - -

zengzhy Free allows users to shorten, share, and track links (URLs). Reducing the URL length makes sharing easier.


DayWatch - -

tryolabs Paid Usage

DayWatch's API provides powerful data access to real-time daily deal and coupons data in USA, Latin America and South East Asia. Search deals per country, location, category and activity. About DayWatch: DayWatch is the ultimate real-time business reporting and decision support tool for Daily Deal companies. Industry reports, analytics, insights, metrics, market penetration, market shares, business performance: every moment, at anytime. All integrated into a web portal. A Product Powered by

Flight Number Lookup - URI Method

Flight Number Lookup - URI Method - -

flightlookup Paid Usage

FlightLookup Flight Metadata - Need to know the details of a flight or its route then this is a quick lookup service. *Metadata on Specific Flight, *Arrive, Depart, Times, Days of operation, Operating Carrier, Terminal

Idilia Sense Analytics

Idilia Sense Analytics - -

idilia Free

Precisely annotate text with fine senses using the world's only API that disambiguates both common words (all parts of speech) and proper nouns (NEs) with near human accuracy. Use specialized recipes for well-formed text, queries, and social media (e.g. tweets). Get lexical annotation, statistical confidence scores, external links (wikipedia, twitter verified accounts, etc), and precise classification of NEs. Tags: disambiguation, wsd, text analytics, language, sense annotation, semantic, extraction ** For more documentation see at ** Developer forum at!forum/idilia-developers


Subtitle - -

warting Free

Swedish subtitle API for movies. More languages coming soon...


Entities - -

webknox Paid Usage

The WebKnox entities API gives you access to millions of entities such as cities, actors, movies, cars, etc. You can search for entities and get factual information. Additionally, you may detect known entities from texts (often referred to as Named Entity Recognition).

Text Processing

Text Processing - -

webknox Paid Usage

The WebKnox text processing API lets you process (natural) language texts. You can detect the text's language, the quality of the writing, find entity mentions, tag part-of-speech, extract dates, extract locations, or determine the sentiment of the text.


Search - -

webknox Paid Usage

The WebKnox search API lets you search the WebKnox Web index and news results.


Koliseo - -

icoloma Free

Koliseo is an event ticketing platform with an attitude.


bitly - -

ismaelc Free

Shortens urls

Animetrics Face Recognition

Animetrics Face Recognition - -

animetrics Paid Usage

Powered by Animetrics' patented 2D to 3D facial recognition technology, this API can be used to detect and recognize human faces in pictures. Detection will return the coordinates of facial features as well as the orientation, or "pose" of the face (pitch, roll, and yaw) relative to the camera. In order to resolve the identity of faces in photographs, you may enroll an unlimited number of faces into a private namespace in our database, and then perform a facial "recognize" operation on an unknown face. Recognize will search your enrolled faces and return likely match candidates. A unique capability called “SetPose” is also available, which will create a frontal facial picture from an input photograph of someone not looking directly at the camera. I.e. it will produce a "corrected" photograph of the person's face, as if they had been looking directly at the camera when the picture was captured.


cloudgrade - -

cloudharmony Free

CloudGrade API [beta] :: Provides access to CloudHarmony's summary performance metrics, CloudGrades. These metrics condense performance characteristics into simple "grades" and numeric values. Use CloudGrades to more easily evaluate and compare the performance of cloud services.

Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker - -

klise17 Free

Pivotal Tracker API


Vimeo - -

klise17 Free

Vimeo API

Pivotal Tracker Authenticator

Pivotal Tracker Authenticator - -

klise17 Free

Pivotal Tracker API Authenticator

Reverse Whois

Reverse Whois - -

whoisapi Free

Reverse Whois (Registrant Search) lets you perform the most comprehensive wild card search on all whois records. Whether you know a name, an email address or other identifying information, now you can see all the domain names ever owned by any specific company or individual!


whois - -

whoisapi Free

Provides consistent, well-structured whois data in XML & JSON.

One Time Password Service

One Time Password Service - -

tanmaykm Free

Generates and validates numeric one time passwords. One time passwords are valid only for a certain time and for one use only. Password is deleted once an attempt is made to validate it, whether the attempt was successful or otherwise. As an API user, your account gets a unique section on our database where your users and passwords are stored. API level security in the form of signed requests with an account level secret. Signature mechanism: 1. Order the field names in the request, except the "sig" field in ascending order. 2. Append the names and corresponding values with comma (",") as the separator. 3. Append the secret as configured for your account. (secret is same as your public key till a secret is setup) 4. Perform a SHA1 hash of the resulting string. SHA1(name1,value1,name2,value2,...,secret) Please refer to the API document and API website for further details.


ViralNinjas - -

viralninjas Free

ViralNinjas REST API is the core of ViralNinjas Platform. On top of the REST API, ViralNinjas offers a set of Server Side SDKs that provide wrappers around the API. The server-side SDKs make it simple to integrate the ViralNinjas platform in server applications of various technological environments. Check out our Server Side SDKs documentation and find out if there is an SDK available for your preferred technology. Otherwise, please continue with this guide and learn how to use our REST API directly.

DocuSign REST

DocuSign REST - -

mikebz Free

DocuSign eSignature API allows you to request signatures on contracts, get status, download completed documents and embed DocuSign interface into your apps. You can get a free developer account by going to

Readability Metrics

Readability Metrics - -

ipeirotis Free

This API can be used to compute a set of readability metrics for a given text. We currently support the following metrics: Automated Readability Index, Coleman-Liau Index, Flesch–Kincaid Grade Level, Flesch Reading Ease, Gunning-Fog Index, SMOG score, and SMOG Index. The service is deployed at Google App Engine and available at The code and documentation are available on Github at


Mogreet - -

mogreetapi Free

SMS, MMS, Transcoding and User Lookup APIs. Quickly and easily add messaging and rich media to your mobile application with the Mogreet Mobile Services Platform.

Chinese Sentiment Analysis for Weibo

Chinese Sentiment Analysis for Weibo - -

sentimental Paid Usage

This API performs Chinese Sentiment Analysis for Social Media (such as Sina Weibo statuses). For a provided message it classifies the status as positive or negative. The system is designed specifically for social media and so it can take advantage of slang and niche language. Please note: The free plan offers 500 statuses classified per day - any use over this will be charged for. 此API适用于中文社交媒体的情感分析(例如新浪微博),能针对每一条消息进行情感分类:正面或负面。该系统基于社交媒体,能够充分利用俚语,特殊词语等新新网络用语。请注意:该免费版本提供每天500条消息分类 - 超过此上限,将会被额外收费。


appsearch - -

mimviapps Free

Mimvi App Search provides mobile app search, discovery and recommendation services. Based on proprietary biomimetic algorithms, Mimvi App Search delivers the best coverage and most relevant mobile apps, mobile content and mobile products. Coverage includes: iTunes, Google Play (Android), Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8, Facebook, Blackberry, Web Apps.


ColorTag - -

apicloud Paid Usage

ColorTag is a powerful API for color detection. Taking an image file (or URL) as input ColorTag produces a list of text labels and hex RGB values that can be then used as tags for a certain image or item. Check out visual demo here: The API can sort tags by relevance (detecting colors of objects on the image, e.g. a dress, a car, etc.) or simply by weight in the image. First mode is perfect for e-commerce applications, allowing to automatically tag items with colors by simply providing a photo or a thumbnail and build a color tag cloud, so users are able to search items by color (e.g. red). Weight sorting mode can be useful for photos, wallpapers or other images without well-defined objects on them to analyze the palette in general. Text color labels can be assigned with different precision (just basic colors, W3C-compatible colors, precise colors, etc.).

SkyBiometry Face Detection and Recognition

SkyBiometry Face Detection and Recognition - -

skybiometry Free

An easy to use Face Detection and Recognition API. Detect faces at various angle, determine gender, check if the person is smiling or wears glasses (maybe sunglasses) with a single API call. You must have an application created in your account at SkyBiometry to use it (sign up at if you don't have account yet).


Tassadar - -

logankoester Free

A simple Starcraft II replay parser in the cloud. Upload a replay to retrieve the map name, player info, win/loss results, and more. Easily integrate SC2 replay data into your projects.


Text2HTML - -

pbkwee Free

Converts text to HTML Start a line with h1, h2 or h3 to create a header. We will convert text that looks like URLs to hyperlinks to that URL => <a href=''></a> We try to leave valid HTML alone. For example, if you include <p></p> then we will not add an anchor tag to that URL. Non-HTML friendly characters like & < are escaped like &amp; &lt; We do minimal conversion of text. This approach differs (by design) from which does more processing like numbered lists and headers and tables. Feedback on this tool is welcomed on our blog.


HTML2Text - -

pbkwee Free

The HTML to text tool tries to extract text content out of an HTML document. It ignores 'non-text' HTML content (like script, object and applet tags). Feedback on this tool is welcomed on our blog at

HTML Sanitizer

HTML Sanitizer - -

pbkwee Free

The sanitizer will remove certain tags (script, marquee, head, frame, menu, object, et al.). It retains predominantly 'content' tags. The sanitizer will remove most attributes. It will keep only hrefs on a tags and colspans on td/th tags. The sanitizer can be a great tool for cleaning up the HTML saved by the likes of Word and OpenOffice.


Bingo - -

vincy Free

With this API you can easily develop a bingo game, just design the graphic. - Card's makers - Extraction number - Winner cards - Points

IP Address Geolocation

IP Address Geolocation - -

chrislim Free

This API returns the location of an IP address (country, region, city, zipcode, latitude and longitude) and the associated timezone in JSON or XML format.

IMG4Me - Text to Image Service

IMG4Me - Text to Image Service - -

seikan Free

IMG4Me is a free service to convert your text into image. You can use this service to prevent crawlers and robots from copying your email address, articles, or website contents. Meanwhile, you can handle encoding errors as well if your text is in non-English characters.


Twishort - -

twishort Free

Twishort API can be used by Twitter applications to post the long text to Twishort, and receive a tweet-sized message with a link to the complete post.


WhoAPI - -

whoapi Paid Usage

Get extensive domain data on a massive scale. Domain data like structured whois info, domain availability & expiry date, server uptime from all our world wide nodes and many more valuable data. - -

chenxinxing Free

长短地址转换能力 ( 数字内容 > 短地址服务 ) 该能力具备长地址转换短地址、短地址转换为长地址的功能


AppsBuilder - -

appsbuilder Free

AppsBuilder is a do it yourself platform for mobile applications development. No coding skills are needed! Trough a single building process users can create an app for iOS (iPad, iPhone/iPod), Android (Tablets & Phones) and Windows Phone. Last but not least, your app will be available for the Chrome Web Store and with a Mobile Site Html5 version. All content is stored on Cloud, enabling real time updates. All JSON structures can also be retrieved here: - -

warting Paid Usage API is an api that generates an android application out from a RSS feed. Enter your own strings, colors, images and settings and then generate your own custom android application. To get an api token for authentication you need to login at and login with your gmail account, then copy your token and use it with this API. This is a verry early beta version. Please contact me if you have any troubles! for more information, visit


Magisto - -

magisto Free

Magically transform your videos. Magisto turns your everyday videos into exciting, memorable movies you'll want to watch again and again.

PubNub Network

PubNub Network - -

pubnub Free

The PubNub Network makes Real-time Communications Simple with an easy API. Two Functions: Send/Receive (Publish/Subscribe). We provide a web-scale API for businesses to build scalable Data Push communication apps on Mobile, Tablet and Web. Bidirectional JSON. Ask for commit access - via Twitter: @pubnub - via IRC: #pubnub on FreeNode


PageMunch - -

tommoor Free

Page Munch is a simple API that allows you to turn webpages into rich, structured JSON. Easily extract photos, videos, event, author and other metadata from any page on the internet in milliseconds.

Lorem Text Generator

Lorem Text Generator - -

montanaflynn Free

Generate lorem ipsum filler text with this easy to use API.

Google Maps Driving Directions

Google Maps Driving Directions - -

montanaflynn Free

Unofficial barebones wrapper of the google maps API provides basic driving directions between two points.

Fraud Prevention Web Service

Fraud Prevention Web Service - -

chrislim Free

This API help you to screen an order to detect the degree of credit card fraud, and therefore protect your business order from losses due to chargebacks. The accuracy depends on the number of parameters and previous feedback. The more details & feedback supplied, the higher number of accuracy in return. Please visit for the API details.


GameRank - -

mariadal Free

The GameRank API can be used to access, update, delete and insert information about players, games and plays in a game Reputation System. The reputation system ranks players by quality and ranks games by difficulty.


OpenThesaurus - -

dnaber Free

German synonym dictionary. Many entries include further meta information like language level (colloquial, technical, ...), super and subordinate concepts, and category. The dictionary contains more than 90,000 German words with more than 25,000 meanings. The data is structured in synonym sets (i.e. concepts), similar to WordNet.


Site2SMS - -

blaazetech Free

Using this API one can add SMS capabilities to their application/website at free of cost, i checked the delivery speed of messages from this service, and FYI its superb, try it out, and spread the word with your friends too.


Kred - -

kred Free

Kred, created by PeopleBrowsr, measures influence in online communities connected by interest. Kred values audience quality and engagement over audience size. It assesses the ability to inspire action (Influence) and propensity to engage with others (Outreach).

Streak CRM for GMAIL

Streak CRM for GMAIL - -

jenbrannstrom Free

connects to "Streak CRM" Streak offers a simple CRM extension to use with Gmail. You install it in the Chrome browser, then create a set of workflow interfaces in Gmail that allow you to organize related sets of emails. * Send reminders to yourself in Gmail, * Queue mails to be sent at certain dates * create worklows Some recent email extensions, like Rapportive, also provide lightweight CRM features, but Streak goes way deeper into the workflow process.

Text To Speech

Text To Speech - -

montanaflynn Free

Turns text into an mp3 audio file with a nice female voice similar to Siri.

HackerLeague Search

HackerLeague Search - -

ismaelc Free

Hacker League is a hackathon planning and organization tool. This API allows you to search hackathons and hacks from the Hacker League website. If you want to find more APIs for your hacks, check out


Pantaluren - -

fjallstrom Free

API to webservice for valuing your little glass slabs.


Diffbot - -

diffbot Free

Diffbot extracts data from web pages automatically and returns structured JSON. For example, our Article API returns an article's title, author, date and full-text. Use the web as your database! We use computer vision, machine learning and natural language processing to add structure to just about any web page.

Aadhar Card Status

Aadhar Card Status - -

blaazetech Free

Check the status of the UIDAI's Aadhar Card by just providing your UIDAI Aadhar card enrollment ID and time of enrollment.

Indian Post

Indian Post - -

blaazetech Free

Using this API anyone can get the information of Indian Post's Speed post consignment, just give consignment id(itemno) as input and get the whole details, also get the pincodes search feature, spread the word with your friends who are interested in this.


Storage - -

clone1018 Free

Storage stores stuff. Simply POST some stuff to us and we'll host it. We haven't fully launched yet, but when we do, it'll be awesome.

Transistor Handbook

Transistor Handbook - -

priore Paid Usage

This app will guide you to know, choose, select and design your next board masterpiece using that transistor you weren’t remembering. With Transistors Handbook you will see the design, the kind and all the aspects of more than 51.000 transistors.

Load Impact

Load Impact - -

ragnarlonn Free

The Load Impact load test API allows you to configure and start and stop web site/application load tests, and to retrieve test results from load tests.

URL Shortener

URL Shortener - -

nijikokun Free is a URL Shortening service, with hit count metrics, tracking, and recursion detection for shortened urls.


bipio - -

cloudspark Free

bipio gives you the power to rapidly create workflows around the cloud components you already love, no programming required. Bring together its supported services to automate common tasks, send messages where you need them or prototype simple applications. The Mashape Console for the bipio API supports the full suite of REST resources detailed in the documentation ( and some select RPC's. For personal support, feel free to reach out to the Google group at!forum/bipio-api

ML Analyzer

ML Analyzer - -

mlanalyzer Paid Usage

Text Classification, Article Summarization, Sentiment Analysis, Stock symbol extraction, Person Names Extractor, Language Detection, Locations Extractor, Adult content Analyzer.

SMS Text messaging  functions

SMS Text messaging functions - -

nickrich Free

Comprehensive SMS messaging functions. Direct UK connections, set the sender ID and send texts up to 612 characters. Send SMS to the UK and Europe. Functions include: Send SMS, Receive SMS, Schedule SMS, Delivery Reporting, Branch Level Identification. You can also control your Text Marketer account programmatically, for example: Inject mobile numbers direct into your account, create new sub accounts and move credits between them and create new groups. Used by well know brands through to start ups, low cost and reliability is our strength. See read me to give it a try.


Text-to-Speech - -

voicerss Free

The Voice RSS Text-to-Speech (TTS) API allows conversion of textual content to speech easier than ever. Just connect to our Text-to-Speech (TTS) API with a few lines of code and get verbal representation of a textual content.

Repustate Sentiment and Text Analytics

Repustate Sentiment and Text Analytics - -

repustate Paid Usage

Repustate's sentiment analysis and text analytics API allows you to extract key words and phrases and determine social media sentiment in one of many languages. These languages include English, Arabic, German, French and Spanish. Monitor social media as well using our API and retrieve your data all with simple API calls.


Yummly - -

ismaelc Paid Usage

Search every recipe in the world with this API. Dinner in a snap! Food!


rome2rio-12 - -

rome2rio Free

Rome2rio offers a multi-modal travel API that allows users to plan journeys all around the world, by searching plane, train, bus, car and ferry routes. The database currently features over 700 airlines & 2 million surface routes, including extensive rail coverage in Europe, India, Japan, North America and China, and constantly expanding intercity bus, rail and ferry coverage across the globe. Feel free to contact us at with any support questions, or to tell us about your project.


APIEvangelist - -

ismaelc Free

Kin Lane's list of tools for API deployment. What can I say? He's da man!

Hoppit Restaurant Guide

Hoppit Restaurant Guide - -

hoppitapi Paid Usage

Dubbed as "Yelp meets Pandora," the Hoppit API answers the ongoing question "Where should we eat tonight?" by giving you access to the restaurant data used by our award-winning applications, as seen on FOX, CBS, and Mashable. This includes the nation's largest repository of high-resolution restaurant photography and "Vibe" data, available for 20 U.S. cities. Filter restaurants, bars, and coffee shops by type of Vibe (e.g. Cozy, Hipster, Romantic) and scenario (e.g. with a Date, with a Colleague, with Children), as well as by price, cuisine (e.g. Italian), and meal (e.g. Brunch). Perfect for developers of travel, lifestyle, food, social, local applications who wish to surface the amazing content that Hoppit users interact with every second. Available for New York, Brooklyn, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, Portland, Houston, Dallas, Austin, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Miami, New Orleans, Las Vegas, and Denver.

FullContact - Person

FullContact - Person - -

fullcontact Free

The FullContact Person API takes a piece of contact information, such as an email address, and adds information such as name, job title, and social profile data from more than 120 different social networks - including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. It then returns the enhanced information in XML, JSON, or vCard format. You will need a FullContact API key in order to use this service. It's free to try - to sign up for a key, please visit

Check That Bike UK

Check That Bike UK - -

stolenbikes88 Free

This API is designed to create a one stop check when buying a bike, users will then be pointed over to the original register.


Gablit - -

gablit Free

Gablit is an event database that makes it easy to find and share things to do. We aggregate data from multiple sources and present it in a format that makes it easy for the user to search and learn about the events that are happening around them. For more information, visit


geolocation - -

damngoodapis Paid Usage

Geolocation api. Have you ever needed to know where the person visiting your website is coming from? Just use this API. If you use it in your front-end javascript code, you may even leave the IP argument empty. Just hit the root of the API and you'll be given information on the whereabouts of your visitor. Using in the backend is as simple! All you have to do is pass a "ip" argument with the ip address of the given user.

Docket Alarm

Docket Alarm - -

speedplane Free

API for the U.S. Court System. Search for cases, get detailed docket information, and download filings. Docket Alarm is for: (1) Financial institutions that want to run background litigation checks on companies; (2) Document management or doc review systems that want to automatically sync data with the court's; and (3) Law firms that want to automate tracking court filings in their cases.


SignNow - -

signnowapi Free

SignNow is the easiest way to sign a document anywhere you go. You can sign your own documents, or invite clients to sign and close contracts faster! SignNow is free to use and simple to get started.


FaceRect - -

apicloud Free

FaceRect is a powerful and free API for face detection. It finds faces (both frontal and profile) on the image specified by URL or uploaded as a file and is able to find multiple faces on a single photo, producing JSON output with a bounding box for each face found. Check out visual demo here: Note that additionally FaceRect can find face features for each detected face (eyes, nose and mouth). For more precise face feature detection please see our FaceMark API:


TheGivingLab - -

the giving lab Free helps charities, companies and developers develop, launch and scale new fundraising ideas and products, services and games which benefit UK charities. Our APIs make it easy to collect donations, take payments, reclaim gift aid, organise groups, create events, run campaigns, create products any way you like on the web or on a device.


KredAPI - -

kred Paid Usage

Kred, created by PeopleBrowsr, measures influence in online communities connected by interest. Kred values audience quality and engagement over audience size. It assesses the ability to inspire action (Influence) and propensity to engage with others (Outreach)

Semantic Text Processing

Semantic Text Processing - -

jetlore-dev Paid Usage

Semantic Text Processing API extracts named entities from English text, including social media posts, user comments, product reviews, picture captions, email content, news articles, and web pages. We guarantee exceptional accuracy of over 90% precision at over 60% recall. The API handles slang, common misspellings, understands hashtags, and auto-fetches embedded URLs making it ideal for processing any user-generated content and social media. In addition, it classifies text into one of 14 predefined topics providing a high-level topical intent behind a given text. There is a free tier to get you started and try things around; as you scale, you can move up to a paid tier.


Ribbet - -

ribbet Free

Ribbet is an online photo editor with free cloud storage, complete editing history, thousands of effects, filters, hand-picked shapes, designer fonts and borders. Ribbet also has bookmarking to allow favorite effects to be stored. With the Ribbet API, developers can integrate the full functionality of Ribbet into their application or website.

Extract text from PDFs

Extract text from PDFs - -

community Free

Extract text from PDFs Fast and Easy way to extract any text from a PDF Easily implements data-mining, classification, tagging, indexing, etc...


Lob - -

lob Free

The Lob API (formerly Infraprint) is a printing API organized around REST. Our API is designed to have predictable, resource-oriented URLs and uses HTTP response codes to indicate any API errors. To send a print job you need to: Create an address Create an object - an object is the content you will be printing Once you have done this you can send this a job to the printer!


Beeminder - -

beeminder Free

It's reminders with a sting! Or, goal-tracking with teeth. Mind anything you can graph — weight, pushups, to-do tasks completed — by replying with data when Beeminder prompts you. Or connect with a service (like Fitbit) to report automatically. We plot your progress on a Yellow Brick Road to your goal. Keep all your data points on the road and Beeminder will always be free. Go off the road and you (literally) pay the price.

Chinese Social Insights

Chinese Social Insights - -

soshio Paid Usage

Provide access to update Soshio account, manage subscriptions, and generate reports on Chinese social data. *Existing Soshio members only.*

Unicode Codepoints

Unicode Codepoints - -

boldewyn Free

A RESTful Interface to Unicode Data, this API gives easy and standardized access to all information from The detailed documentation is [available on Github](


FantasyData - -

nfldata Paid Usage provides the most extensive, accurate and easily consumable NFL data in the world. Using our advanced data feeds, you'll be able to build the fantasy football application of your dreams!


Systemet - -

karlroos Free

Systemet API is an unofficial API for accessing the Swedish alcohol monopoly (Systembolaget) product data.


Country - -

logicstack Free

List or find countries by ISO 3166-1 codes (i.e. alpha-2, alpha-3, numeric), FIPS country code, continent or currency.


GeoStockPhoto - -

geostockphoto Free

GeoStockPhoto is a stock photo agency with high-quality photos from all around the world. Each photo is geotagged with latitude and longitude. All registered users can interact with our database and retrieve information of all photos on sale.


Postmaster - -

community Free

A simple API for shipping packages. The Postmaster API follows REST principles. Our API is resource-oriented and returns HTTP response codes to indicate errors. HTTP verbs and authentication are supported, which allows most common HTTP clients to communicate with our API easily. We support CORS which makes client-side application programming straightforward. JSON is used for all responses and can also be used for POST requests (along with form-encoding). - -

asmhatre Free is a quick, simple yet powerful image placeholder service for development.

Timeneye Time Tracking

Timeneye Time Tracking - -

dmdigital Free

Timeneye Time Tracking is a time tracking and reporting web app meant to be extremely simple and usable even for the most recalcitrant user. Timeneye can be used from the web ( or from the Android mobile app. An iOS version is currently in development. Timeneye integrates with Basecamp, allowing users to track time directly from Basecamp commenting on their to-dos with the time spent on them.


CrimeScore - -

yourmapper Paid Usage

National CrimeScore Safety Rating! - 1-100 grade for your current location. - Formula uses local daily crime reports. - Get web widgets, or use our API in your app. CrimeScores are returned for the following cities, with more being added soon. San Francisco, CA Washington, DC Anchorage, AK Louisville, KY Miami, FL Fort Worth, TX Chicago, IL Seattle, WA Indianapolis, IN Albuquerque, NM Richmond, VA Cincinnati, OH Atlanta, GA CrimeScore rating is a propriety methodology based on address-level crime reports, weighted for type of crime, recency, and proximity, then adjusted by neighboring CrimeScore ratings, and finally statistically standardized across a bell curve based on all the CrimeScores across a city, updated daily. Use our official CrimeScore badges to easily give information at a glance. Returns a 1-100 score, an A-F grade, and choose from multiple badge sizes.


Tradier - -

tradier Free

Tradier is a brokerage platform for equity and options trading. It is designed to provide simple, intuitive, and inexpensive ways for users to place trades, check their balances, and transfer money. Tradier provides a RESTful API for accessing the platform's trading functions, account services, and real-time and historical market data.

COGITO Intelligence-API

COGITO Intelligence-API - -

expertsystem Paid Usage

Cogito Intelligence API brings the power of semantic processing to your system, analyzing documents, web pages, tweets and any large data sets from COMINT and OSINT (Big Data). It enables Government, Intelligence, Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) and Corporate Security customers to access and exploit some of their most strategic sources of data. Key Features: -Content Categorization with specialized classification for Intelligence, LEA and Geography -Entity and Relationships Extraction with a focus on the Intelligence domain (world leaders, terrorist organizations, organized crime, unconventional weapons, geographic locations, etc.) -Name Recognition, Normalization and Identity Matching to support identification Using advanced semantic processing, text mining, categorization and tagging, Cogito Intelligence API analyzes content, extracts entities as well as the relationships between entities and normalizes names in text to support faster, more accurate evaluation of data.

Best Buy - BBYOpen

Best Buy - BBYOpen - -

bbyopen Free

See how Best Buy's BBYOPEN APIs put customers in control. We create connections for all devices, platforms, channels, technologies and third parties; those that exist now and those that will exist in the future. We are not limited by technology; we are inspired by it. Register: Documentation:

Drawbridge Ad Request

Drawbridge Ad Request - -

drawbridge,67,82- Free

Precisely target mobile audiences and increase ROI Drawbridge technology enables targeting across devices to drive CPI, CPL, CPA, and customer lifetime value. Drawbridge's technology bridges audiences across devices and enables two mobile targeting and optimization products.

REST Countries v0

REST Countries v0 - -

fayder Free

Get information about countries via a RESTful API

Imagga Smart Cropping

Imagga Smart Cropping - -

imagga Paid Usage

Imagga is a cloud platform that helps businesses and individuals organize their images in a fast and cost-effective way


Recognize - -

vufind Paid Usage

Vufind Recognize is a real-time image recognition API for classification and monetization of photos and videos. Recognize uses object recognition to uncover meaning and metadata of photos and videos for contextual image commerce and advertising. Object types can be landmarks, scenes, apparel, decor,food, products, etc. We're continuously adding objects and will prioritize adding objects in genres where customer demand is high

Text Analysis

Text Analysis - -

aylien Paid Usage

AYLIEN Text API is a package of eight different Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval and Machine Learning tools that allow developers to extract meaning and insights from documents with ease.


KeyPay - -

webscale Free

This API provides access to most of the functionality provided by the KeyPay cloud payroll system


Plivo - -

plivo Free

We, at Plivo, make it easier for businesses and software developers to use cloud-powered Voice and SMS communications. We offer HTTP APIs that let you can build Voice and SMS applications or integrate such capabilities into your web or mobile application in any web standard language. We simplify the notorious complexity of the telephony business into a simple infrastructure service for you: we take care of everything from carriers contracts to call quality and messaging deliverability to technical support.


Shorticle - -

nguru Paid Usage

Shorticle is an article summarization tool capable of summarising web articles to a custom variable length, picking article's title and main image, fetching article's social shares and detecting language. Shorticle can work with shortened URLs. Shorticle uses advanced algorithms to determine sentence value (based on article keywords) and sentence relationship to ensure that sentences used in summary are comprehensible and cover the entire scope of the article.

Nutritionix - Nutrition Database

Nutritionix - Nutrition Database - -

msilverman Free

Global API of nutrition data for restaurants, food manufacturers, and USDA common foods. Includes over 230K UPCs/barcodes, 100K restaurant foods, and 10,000 common foods from the USDA.

Sentiment Dynamics

Sentiment Dynamics - -

iodynamics Paid Usage

Sentiment Dynamics is a powerful domain-independent API for Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining. Simple and effective tool for opinion polarity classification. You can determine if a text has a positive, negative or neutral opinion polarity. Our API enables you the posibility of extract the keywords that represent the opinion targets.


Cashtie - -

community Free

Cashtie™ is a powerful web service that links retail cash payments to software applications. You will be able to provide new in-lane bill payment solutions to your client base and integrate cash payments into your existing applications with just a few lines of code. Any biller, from e-commerce software providers to payment gateways can expand their application with Cashtie™ and connect retail cash payments in real-time to their application.


VerticalResponse - -

vradmin Free

VerticalResponse helps users create and send great email campaigns. We make contact and list management easy, allowing users to create contacts, group them into meaningful lists, and use these lists to send targeted email campaigns. VerticalResponse provides REST APIs to manage contacts, lists, messages and custom fields. Developers can integrate VerticalResponse's email and social marketing functionality into their applications to provide their customers with new and interesting ways to create and manage marketing campaigns.

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Want a quick way to find out if a domain or URL is indexed by Google without messing around with proxy servers and the like? Our API makes it easy! Use it for SEO for your clients or build a software product using the data. The possibilities are endless!


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