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Heck Yes Markdown

Heck Yes Markdown - -

thefosk Free


Hoppit Restaurant Guide

Hoppit Restaurant Guide - -

hoppitapi Paid Usage

Dubbed as "Yelp meets Pandora," the Hoppit API answers the ongoing question "Where should we eat tonight?" by giving you access to the restaurant data used by our award-winning applications, as seen on FOX, CBS, and Mashable. This includes the nation's largest repository of high-resolution restaurant photography and "Vibe" data, available for 20 U.S. cities. Filter restaurants, bars, and coffee shops by type of Vibe (e.g. Cozy, Hipster, Romantic) and scenario (e.g. with a Date, with a Colleague, with Children), as well as by price, cuisine (e.g. Italian), and meal (e.g. Brunch). Perfect for developers of travel, lifestyle, food, social, local applications who wish to surface the amazing content that Hoppit users interact with every second. Available for New York, Brooklyn, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, Portland, Houston, Dallas, Austin, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Miami, New Orleans, Las Vegas, and Denver.

Json Tools

Json Tools - -

thefosk Free

This API provides a set of useful features for JSON data. Send me a private message to ask for more features. Enjoy :)

Shipping Gear

Shipping Gear - -

bondarewicz Free

Some useful stuff for eCommerce shipping. [work in progress]

Acrostic.Me Trending

Acrostic.Me Trending - -

acrosticme Free

A real-time feed of the pages currently growing in popularity on the website.


Flight - -

orfeomorello Free

Find the flight distance informations between any two places on the earth

DNS Tools

DNS Tools - -

jack Free

Resolve DNS addresses into IP addresses and vice versa. New method: check if a port is open on a given host.


strongpassword - -

tabalt Free

this api can give you a strong password to make you app more safety.

QR code generator

QR code generator - -

mutationevent Free

The Mutationevent QR code generator is a simple API that lets users quickly create QR codes. Users can pass in content such as text, URL and SMS and specify image size and quality. The API returns a URL path of the generated image. It uses HTTP calls and responses are formatted in JSON.


RAE - -

darioherrera Paid Usage

Diccionario de la Real Academia Española (RAE)

RFC Generator Mexico

RFC Generator Mexico - -

jfhe88 Free



Ip2Country - -

orfeomorello Free

Look up country name and ISO code by IP v4 address


rome2rio-10 - -

rome2rio Free

NOTE: This is version 1.0 of our API. Please use the latest version instead.

Great Circle Mapper

Great Circle Mapper - -

marcusgoede Paid Usage

Use Great Circle Mapper to calculate the air distance and flight time between all airports worldwide.

Open Exchange Rates

Open Exchange Rates - -

joss Paid Usage

Real-time Exchange Rates designed just for Developers –– simple, fast and accurate JSON currency API, with prices for 161 world currencies, historical data back to 1999 –– jump over to for more info! - -

tschoffelen Free

Online URL Shortener and File Sharer API.


SmartPeaGrocerySalesAPI - -

smartpea Free

SmartPea API is a RESTful API designed for developers who want to access to hyper-localized grocery deals data. We collect grocery deals information at real time from over 40 national retailers across US. To query SmartPea API, simply query:{grocery item title}&zip={zipcode} E.g. to query juice deals within zip code 92116, just query For each searched grocery item, we show the following information: Title, Retailer's name, Image, Description, Deal restriction, Current price, Regular price, Savings, Nutritional facts: including calories, fat, cholesterol, sodium, potassium, sugar, fiber, carb, protein, Nutrition rating, Nutrition highlight: including whether the item includes ingredients that may pose a health concern, User rating, User comments. Please contact us at if you have any questions with regard to SmartPea API.

instant PDF

instant PDF - -

yogthos Free

This API allows generating PDFs using JSON markup. The API accepts HTTP POST requests and returns PDF documents. Further documentation is available at

World Addresses

World Addresses - -

allies Free

International address lookup from World Addresses, the international address experts. Easy-to-integrate, add it to your website or app in minutes.

Contact Info Removal

Contact Info Removal - -

esseguin Paid Usage

A collection of functions that will remove contact information (phone numbers, email, and/or addresses) from a string

Texas Holdem

Texas Holdem - -

neurone Free

With this API you can easily create a full Texas Holdem game, just create the graphic and associate it with the results.

ERMAHGERD Translator

ERMAHGERD Translator - -

jmillerdesign Paid Usage

This translates text to ERMAHGERD. See demo:


skicams - -

makevoid Free

Italian Ski Webcam Database / API - more at: (italian)

IP Utils

IP Utils - -

mark sutuer Free

A simple component helping with IP functionalities


Sqoot - -

sqoot Free

Our API exposes tens of thousands of monetizable, local daily deals. Deals are categorized and searchable by location, distance, price and more.


Rapleaf - -

rapleaf Free

Rapleaf's Personlization API provides rich demographic data about email addresses in real-time. You will need an Rapleaf API key in order to use this service. You can get one (for free) here: With an API key, you will have free, unlimited access to age, gender, and city/state/country data. Additionally, we provide many other premium fields for a small price. Please visit our website or email us at to get more info on pricing and our premium fields.

Poster Printing

Poster Printing - -

mimeoconnect Free

This API provides poster printing services for developers. It enables you to price and order commercially printed posters in different sizes, paper, lamination and mounting from within your web and mobile applications.

MyMemory - Translation Memory

MyMemory - Translation Memory - -

translated Paid Usage

Get a better translation! MyMemory is the world's largest Translation Memory. It contains billions of words translated by professional translators. MyMemory will give you a machine translation (Google, Microsoft or our) only when a human translation is not available. - Free - Free - -

worldtimeengine Paid Usage

The free version of the World Time Engine API for small project needs. For the full developer and enterprise versions of this API check out the link provided above.

Name Toolkit

Name Toolkit - -

nametoolkit Paid Usage

Name Toolkit is a domain name suggestion, registration and whois info provider. Our focus is on speed, simplicity and honesty. - Developer - Developer - -

worldtimeengine Paid Usage

The Developer version of the World Time Engine API. This API is suitable for small to medium scale projects. If you need more queries per month than we provide via this version of our API then you should check out the enterprise version of this API, also available at the link above. - -

trustlinker-de Free

Decorate texts automatically and and trustlinks to them. Moreover find some nice Domain information like Pagerank, IPv4, IPv6, Domainage, CountryCode (Hosting) and WOT.


Wallpapers - -

interfacelift Paid Usage

Download high-resolution wallpapers for any common screen size from


QRme - -

serek Free

This api lets you generate qr code for every page you need.

Text Spinner

Text Spinner - -

pozzad Free

This API exposes an endpoint which can spin a text containing a spinning expression syntax by generating a list of different variations.

Location Service

Location Service - -

lasoo Free

Location suburb/postcode information which can is used to populate type ahead drop down similar to we have it on Check right hand side corner on our site. This service is available for Australian locations only.

Summarizer Tool

Summarizer Tool - -

ismaelc Paid Usage

This is a Summary Tool based on Shlomi Babluki's post here - . Similar to Summly, Wavii, and other, NLTK, NLP, machine learning based summary tools. To see how this API was created, check out this post - . You can also check this other API for summarizing web pages -!documentation

Password Tools

Password Tools - -

pozzad Paid Usage

Provides a set of API for generating strong passwords, checking a password strength, generating a password hash and verifying it.

Email Validator

Email Validator - -

pozzad Free

Checks for fake DNS as well as uses regex functions to check the email for the right length and accepted characters. For example it will mark as valid an email like '' but it will recognize as a fake '' (because of the not existing domain)


WebSpellChecker - -

webspellchecker Paid Usage web service provides suggestions for spelling corrections for specified text.

Porn Filter

Porn Filter - - Paid Usage

Scan images and image URLs to determine if they contain inappropriate content. Send us an image, and we will tell you if it's likely to be porn. A note about scanning for porn: Nothing in this world is perfect. Our API looks at skin tones, shapes and other cues to identify images that are likely to be inappropriate, but nothing is ever going to be perfect. Just like virus scanning, spam filters and other things, some false positives and missed hits will occur.


SeatGeek - -

seatgeek Free

SeatGeek is a ticket search site that aggregates sports, concert, and theater ticket listings from over 60 ticketing sites -- including StubHub and TicketsNow. The SeatGeek API provides developers with broad access to the company’s dataset of nearly 100,000 live events. The RESTful API returns requests in JSON, JSONP, and XML and can provide detailed information on venue lat/lon, average ticket price, seating location, and more. SeatGeek has a community portal that keeps a record of all support conversations and is a useful tool when looking to get questions answered. Sites can also monetize their content with SeatGeek's API by registering in SeatGeek's Partner Program. Each time a partner sends a referral to SeatGeek and they purchase a ticket, SeatGeek will pay their partner 50% of the revenue earned on that transaction. Currently users are averaging $11 per sale generated.


Language - - Paid Usage

You give us some text, and we will tell you the language. We know about 50 or so languages, and are over 90% accurate when we have more than 20 words of text to scan. With short text, use the probability result to get a better sense of what language(s) you could be seeing.

Bootic Product Search

Bootic Product Search - -

thebootic Free

Bootic is the marketplace to find a wide range of products. Bootic's Product Search API gives you direct access to all that our product search engine has to offer: keywords, products attributes, price ranges and many more features to find the exact product from the best online storefront on the Internet.

Airport Timetable - REST Method

Airport Timetable - REST Method - -

flightlookup Paid Usage

FlightLookup Airport Timetable - Find all the flights to or from an airport. Ideal service if you are an airport or providing a timetable for airports. Want to know to get to a airport or from an airport you will need this service. *All flights into and out of Airport, *Worldwide passenger airline flight schedules, *Single Day, 7 day and Multi-day lookups

Flight Schedules - One Day - REST Method

Flight Schedules - One Day - REST Method - -

flightlookup Paid Usage

FlightLookup Timetable - Access our worldwide schedules including low cost carriers and build connections using the dynamic connections engine. If you are looking for airline schedules to provide timetables this is the service for you. *Origin and Destination, *Worldwide passenger airline flight schedules, *Single Day, 7 day and Multi-day lookups, *Search criteria includes: Time/Airline/Interline/Number of Routes/Number of Connections, etc, *Route Information, *Detail Segment Information

Flight Number Lookup - REST Method

Flight Number Lookup - REST Method - -

flightlookup Paid Usage

FlightLookup Flight Metadata - Need to know the details of a flight or its route then this is a quick lookup service. *Metadata on Specific Flight, *Arrive, Depart, Times, Days of operation, Operating Carrier, Terminal

Flight Schedules - Multi Day - REST Method

Flight Schedules - Multi Day - REST Method - -

flightlookup Paid Usage

FlightLookup Route Service - Want to know the regular service between two airports over a date range? *Returns information for a specific route over a range of dates, *Flight Number, Origin, Destination, Times, Start Date End Date


Profanity - - Paid Usage

From "fuster clucks" to 1337 speak, keeping track of profanity and blocking it in your app can be a real nightmare. The nsurePROFANITY API puts a stop to the f-bomb.


Portrait3D - -

avatarion Paid Usage

Portrait3D API is based on Avatarion’s Tethys 3D™ solution, and provides software developers with a technology to create animated facial models based on photos.

Readability Metrics

Readability Metrics - -

ipeirotis Free

This API can be used to compute a set of readability metrics for a given text. We currently support the following metrics: Automated Readability Index, Coleman-Liau Index, Flesch–Kincaid Grade Level, Flesch Reading Ease, Gunning-Fog Index, SMOG score, and SMOG Index. The service is deployed at Google App Engine and available at The code and documentation are available on Github at - -

zengzhy Free allows users to shorten, share, and track links (URLs). Reducing the URL length makes sharing easier.

Random Integer Generator

Random Integer Generator - -

120044 Paid Usage

Generates a random Integer between given boundaries


Capitalizer - -

sprawk Paid Usage

Changes the capitalization of input text based on language style rules - supports over 20 languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Swedish, Indonesian and more.

Language detection

Language detection - -

sprawk Paid Usage

Takes a piece of text and detects the language it is written in.


APIEvangelist - -

ismaelc Free

Kin Lane's list of tools for API deployment. What can I say? He's da man!

Text To Voice

Text To Voice - -

yambal Free

Testing API テスト中です テスト中です テスト中です テスト中です テスト中です


DriveFarm - -

zero12srl Free

DRIVEFARM is a new cloud file manager, projected and developed to help little and medium companies in their daily maintenance of their documents assets. With DRIVEFARM you can optimize your company procedures, sharing projects, contracts and catalogues with your work team. DRIVEFARM allows the management and personalization of every single employee profile and correlated privileges. Every company member can share his/her files and documents with other inner or outer colleagues, directly from Web or Mobile App. DRIVEFARM tracks files sharing and sending activities, respecting privacy rules. The company manager can verify members usage of documents assets and identify any company policies not compliant activity.

Streak CRM for GMAIL

Streak CRM for GMAIL - -

jenbrannstrom Free

connects to "Streak CRM" Streak offers a simple CRM extension to use with Gmail. You install it in the Chrome browser, then create a set of workflow interfaces in Gmail that allow you to organize related sets of emails. * Send reminders to yourself in Gmail, * Queue mails to be sent at certain dates * create worklows Some recent email extensions, like Rapportive, also provide lightweight CRM features, but Streak goes way deeper into the workflow process. transactions transactions - - Free

Our API can also be used to make project donations and buy gift cards.

Spiral Notebook Printing

Spiral Notebook Printing - -

mimeoconnect Free

This API provides spiral notebook printing services for developers. It enables you to price and order commercially printed notebooks in different sizes, covers, paper, color, with or without hole punches and binding from within your web and mobile applications.

Card Printing

Card Printing - -

mimeoconnect Free

This API provides card printing services for developers. It enables you to price and order commercially printed cards in different sizes, paper and coating from within your web and mobile applications.

Free Natural Language Processing Service

Free Natural Language Processing Service - -

loudelement Free

100% free service including sentiment analysis, content extraction, and language detection. Enjoy!


Bingo - -

vincy Free

With this API you can easily develop a bingo game, just design the graphic. - Card's makers - Extraction number - Winner cards - Points


Numbers - -

divad12 Free

An API for interesting facts about numbers. Provides trivia, math, date, and year facts about numbers. For example, "5 is the number of platonic solids", "42 is the number of little squares forming the left side trail of Microsoft's Windows 98 logo", "February 27th is the day in 1964 that the government of Italy asks for help to keep the Leaning Tower of Pisa from toppling over"


Format - -

parsify Paid Usage

Easily format data, and information through our platform agnostic api. Allows formatting of various information types such as: Phone Numbers to National, International, and E164 Format and returns type of number; Dates to a large multitude of formats with validation, UTC, time ago; Currency and Numeric formatting based on country codes or default US setting, and Names Normalization / Formatting.


Backlinks - -

ismaelc Free

This Backlinks API is powered by Google Custom Search. You would need to create a Custom Search Engine to get this to work. Please check the Getting Started section for details


newsseecr - -

qqilihq Paid Usage

NewsSeecr’s API gives you access to a wide range of current global news provided by various news websites. Include relevant and highly up-to-date web content into your web application and stay informed about your favorite topics. With NewsSeecr, you can!

Face Recognition

Face Recognition - -

lambda Paid Usage

Stephen here from Lambda Labs. For sample code and a graphical demo, check out Our API provides face recognition, facial detection, eye position, nose position, mouth position, and gender classification. If you have any questions ask! Just send an email to Happy Hacking! -Stephen

HackerLeague Search

HackerLeague Search - -

ismaelc Free

Hacker League is a hackathon planning and organization tool. This API allows you to search hackathons and hacks from the Hacker League website. If you want to find more APIs for your hacks, check out


Kred - -

kred Free

Kred, created by PeopleBrowsr, measures influence in online communities connected by interest. Kred values audience quality and engagement over audience size. It assesses the ability to inspire action (Influence) and propensity to engage with others (Outreach).


SignNow - -

signnowapi Free

SignNow is the easiest way to sign a document anywhere you go. You can sign your own documents, or invite clients to sign and close contracts faster! SignNow is free to use and simple to get started.

Spotify Web

Spotify Web - -

mager Free

The Spotify Web API enables you to search and lookup metadata about artists, tracks and albums using a REST interface.


Speech2Topics - -

yactraq Paid Usage

Yactraq Speech2Topics is a cloud service that converts audiovisual content into topic metadata via speech recognition & natural language processing. Customers use Yactraq metadata to target ads, build UX features like content search/discovery and mine Youtube videos for brand sentiment. In the past such services have been expensive and only used by large video publishers. The unique thing about Yactraq is we deliver our service at a price any product developer can afford.


Yummly - -

ismaelc Paid Usage

Search every recipe in the world with this API. Dinner in a snap! Food!

Nudity Detection Service

Nudity Detection Service - -

rohan Paid Usage

The NDS API allows developers to check for nudity in images in real-time. If you have a very high usage feel free to message me for a private plan.


Trivia - -

privnio Paid Usage

The Trivia API gives you access to 1000s of Trivia questions. New ones are being added all the time! The database is also being expanded with new categories and feedback mechanisms coming soon!!


IMDb - -

apathetic Paid Usage

An Unofficial API for Use it to collect data from IMDb.

Cloudlibs Text Analytics

Cloudlibs Text Analytics - -

prashanthellina Free

Maps any text content to relevant Wikipedia articles


IMEI Info - -

ismaelc Free

Every mobile phone, GSM modem or device with a built-in phone / modem has a unique 15 digit IMEI number. Based on this number, you can check some information about the device, eg brand or model. Enter the IMEI number below:

URL Shortener

URL Shortener - -

nijikokun Free is a URL Shortening service, with hit count metrics, tracking, and recursion detection for shortened urls.

ML Analyzer

ML Analyzer - -

mlanalyzer Paid Usage

Text Classification, Article Summarization, Sentiment Analysis, Stock symbol extraction, Person Names Extractor, Language Detection, Locations Extractor, Adult content Analyzer.

FAROO Web Search

FAROO Web Search - -

faroo Free

Free Search API with 1 million free queries per month. Web Search More than 2 billion pages indexed. English, German and Chinese results. Sorted by relevancy. News Search News articles from newspapers, magazines and blogs. Sorted by publishing date, with author and article image. Trending News Trending news, grouped by topic. Topics sorted by buzz (number of sources reporting on same topic). One main article per topic + related links. Trending Topics Trending news, grouped by topic. Topics sorted by buzz (number of sources reporting on same topic). All full articles per topic, sorted by publishing time. Suggestions Suggestions with auto completes for query substrings and corrections for misspelled terms.


Word2Pdf - -

convertapi Free

The API for converting Word documents to PDF files and Images. These file formats doc, docx, dot, dotx, wpd, wps, wri can be converted to pdf, pdfa, png, jpg, tif.


Trendn - -

bryanhun Paid Usage

Trendn aggregates the most viral and socially-shared content on the web. Ranking is based on social engagement, which refers to how interesting or relevant people have found an item or category to be. Examples of engagement include sharing with your friends, bookmarking an article, leaving a comment on a blog, or clicking a link to read a news item.

Stremor Automated Summary and Abstract Generator

Stremor Automated Summary and Abstract Generator - -

stremor Paid Usage

Use the Automated Summaries API to generate instant 350 character (+/- 10%) summaries of long content from text or URLs. Summaries are returned as highly readable paragraphs with complete sentences for the best end-user experience. Use the returned content for executive summaries of internal documents, previews of articles, efficient mobile pages, email abstract previews, or just about any instance where your end user will benefit from a summary rather than simple snippet. Language Heuristics goes a step beyond Natural Language Processing to extract intent from text. Summaries are created through extraction, but maintain readability by keeping sentence dependencies intact. HTML pages are passed through a template removal process so that only the article text is summarized avoiding comments, menus, headers, and footers. Analysis of the document ranks sentences for importance identifying key concepts, entities, article points and conclusions.


Livebots - -

xicombd Free

Livebots is a platform for all the robots that people can interact with through the internet.


Truthy - -

truthy Free

Write scripts to work with our data, statistics, and images using the API. Download tweet volume over time, network layout, and statistics about memes and users, such as predicted political partisanship, sentiment score, language, and activity.

Dummy Data

Dummy Data - -

montanaflynn Free

Generates dummy data for filling up databases, responsive web designs, or whatever else you need filler text for.

Term Analysis

Term Analysis - -

enclout Free

Given a text, this API returns the lemmatized text


Stemmer - -

enclout Free

This API takes a paragraph and returns the text with each word stemmed using porter stemmer, snowball stemmer or UEA stemmer

SpringSense Meaning Recognition

SpringSense Meaning Recognition - -

springsense Paid Usage

Free plan available! The fastest and most accurate Meaning Recognition (Word Sense Disambiguation) API in the world. Recognises any nouns along with their correct meanings in a body of text and allows you to provide a rich user-interface with meaning definitions. More exhaustive (and useful) bindings are available at: Example usage:

Spamhaus and Surbl REST interface

Spamhaus and Surbl REST interface - -

flagz Paid Usage

Rest api to verify if an url has been marked as spam using the well known spamhaus and surbl services. Supports: SpamHaus zen (SBL e-mail spam, XBL infected PCs, PBL unsolicited smtp traffic) Surbl multi (Spamcop, sa-blacklist, Outblaze, Abusebutler, Phishtank, Zeus tracker, jwSpamSpy, Prolocation)

Word Cloud Maker

Word Cloud Maker - -

gatheringpoint Free

Generate Word Clouds from blocks of text. Multi color and different sizes illustrate the frequency, and the "vibe" of the bigger text. Try it with blog posts, article text, speeches, tweet histories, emails, or any other written word.


bitly - -

ismaelc Free

Shortens urls

OCR recognition service

OCR recognition service - -

smart mobile software Paid Usage is an cloud based optical recognition engine. We take images as input and we reply with text as output. Checkout to learn more.


Text-Processing - -

japerk Paid Usage

Sentiment analysis, stemming and lemmatization, part-of-speech tagging and chunking, phrase extraction and named entity recognition.

Web screenshot

Web screenshot - -

shepik Paid Usage

Given a page url, it creates a screenshot and returns it's url


Question-Answering - -

webknox Paid Usage

The WebKnox question-answering API allows you to find answers to natural language questions. These questions can be factual such as "What is the capital of Australia" or more complex.


Vimeo - -

klise17 Free

Vimeo API

Sentiment Analysis for Twitter and Facebook

Sentiment Analysis for Twitter and Facebook - -

sentimental Paid Usage

The multilingual sentiment analysis API (with exceptional accuracy, 83.4% as opposed to industry standard of 65.4%, and available in Mandarin) from classifies social media texts as positive or negative, with a free daily allowance to get you started. The system uses advanced statistical models (machine learning & NLP) trained on social data, meaning the detection can handle slang, common misspellings, emoticons, hashtags, etc. You can use this API for free. If you require more flexibility and larger scale you can move up to a paid-for plan. Please note: The free plan offers 500 statuses classified per day - any use over this will be charged for. If you are using more than 500 statuses per day it is more cost effective to upgrade to one of the low cost, paid-for plans or contact us direct for an Enterprise offering.

Pivotal Tracker Authenticator

Pivotal Tracker Authenticator - -

klise17 Free

Pivotal Tracker API Authenticator


Web - -

webknox Paid Usage

This WebKnox web API lets you process Web pages. You can detect (publish, modified dates, language), extract (author, content, facts), and rank (using a service or rating the quality).

Yoda Speak

Yoda Speak - -

ismaelc Free

Turn your sentences and webpage into Yoda-speak! Credits to for providing this service. This API is a test in progress, and still sitting on a dev sandbox. Things might break quite often.


DeveloperWeekCompTicket - -

adammagaluk Free

This api returns a description of why I want the complimentary passes Mashape is giving out for the DeveloperWeek 2013 passes.

Ultimate Weather Forecasts

Ultimate Weather Forecasts - -

george vustrey Free

Accurate weather forecasts for today and the next 7 days. Easy and free to use!


appsearch - -

mimviapps Free

Mimvi App Search provides mobile app search, discovery and recommendation services. Based on proprietary biomimetic algorithms, Mimvi App Search delivers the best coverage and most relevant mobile apps, mobile content and mobile products. Coverage includes: iTunes, Google Play (Android), Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8, Facebook, Blackberry, Web Apps.

HTML Sanitizer

HTML Sanitizer - -

pbkwee Free

The sanitizer will remove certain tags (script, marquee, head, frame, menu, object, et al.). It retains predominantly 'content' tags. The sanitizer will remove most attributes. It will keep only hrefs on a tags and colspans on td/th tags. The sanitizer can be a great tool for cleaning up the HTML saved by the likes of Word and OpenOffice.


HTML2Text - -

pbkwee Free

The HTML to text tool tries to extract text content out of an HTML document. It ignores 'non-text' HTML content (like script, object and applet tags). Feedback on this tool is welcomed on our blog at

Block Disposable Email

Block Disposable Email - - Free

The api helps to detect domains of disposable email address services such as, spamgourmet. In other words: if you need to keep your userbase clean you should avoid throw-away, one-time, instant, temporary email addresses. That's what this api is designed for. BTW: no false positives.


PageMunch - -

tommoor Free

Page Munch is a simple API that allows you to turn webpages into rich, structured JSON. Easily extract photos, videos, event, author and other metadata from any page on the internet in milliseconds.


IDlight - -

ddossot Free

Public identity lookup service. IDlight uses established and emerging standards like Webfinger, XRD and hCard to retrieve public profiles and render them under a unified format, either proprietary to IDlight or compliant to Portable Contacts. XML aficionados can find the WADL here: The support forum is there:


Entities - -

webknox Paid Usage

The WebKnox entities API gives you access to millions of entities such as cities, actors, movies, cars, etc. You can search for entities and get factual information. Additionally, you may detect known entities from texts (often referred to as Named Entity Recognition).


TweetSentiments - -

intridea Paid Usage

Returns the sentiment of Tweets. Two online APIs call the Twitter API to analyze Tweets from a given Twitter user or Tweets returned by a Twitter search query. The offline API analyzes texts of Tweets you've already got, one Tweet at a time.


musiXmatch - - Free

The fastest, most powerful and legal way to display lyrics on your website or in your application. Today. A complete music catalogue featuring 640k artists and 13M of tracks organized by albums. A powerful search engine including all our library is available through our api. Every artist/track/album has a score (1-100) based on our api requests, this is our rating. You can sort the artist/track/albums search results by this rating providing the most relevant content for your users. musiXmatch lyrics API is a robust service that permits you to search a complete music catalogue and retrieve lyrics in the simplest possible way. It just works.


Face - -

lambda Paid Usage

A computer vision api for facial recognition and facial detection that is a perfect replacement. We currently have a free api for face detection.

DuckDuckGo Zero-click Info

DuckDuckGo Zero-click Info - -

duckduckgo Free

DuckDuckGo Zero-click Info includes topic summaries, categories, disambiguation, official sites, !bang redirects, definitions and more. You can use this API for many things, e.g. define people, places, things, words and concepts; provides direct links to other services (via !bang syntax); list related topics; and gives official sites when available.


LanguageTool - -

dnaber Free

Style and grammar checking / proofreading for more than 25 languages, including English, French, Polish, Spanish and German. Based on


Pinterest - -

ismaelc Free

This is an unofficial Pinterest API. Pinterest is a pinboard-style photo sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, hobbies, and more. Users can browse other pinboards for inspiration, 're-pin' images to their own pinboards, or 'like' photos. (Credits to,uk for the user-specific Pinterest APIs).

Gender Guesser

Gender Guesser - -

montanaflynn Free

Guess whether a first name is of male or female gender in the USA.


Mashape - -

mashaper Free

Mashape provides a world-class marketplace to manage, distribute and consume both private and public APIs by developers from all over the world. Here is the official Mashape API to retrieve APIs and users information.


WikiSynonyms - -

ipeirotis Free

This is a term synonym discovery service that exploits that structure of Wikipedia redirects to discover almost-equivalent terms. You can try terms like C++, or Hillary Clinton, or Mihapjungguk to see some of the results.


Keywords - -

webknox Paid Usage

The WebKnox keyword API gives you access to keyword data. You can find information about keywords such as how often they are searched, how many competing pages there are on Google. You may also get a list of related keywords to your given keywords.


data.NASA - -

ismaelc Free

About - The Open Data project is part of the NASA Open Government Initiative, and is intended to improve access to NASA data. This data catalog is a continually-growing listing of publicly available NASA datasets.

RSS and ATOM feed detection

RSS and ATOM feed detection - -

ivbeg Free

This API helps with feed detection. It not only parses "head" section of webpage for feeds written as "link" tags but also it processes whole page and detects any other feeds mentioned.


PeerReach - -

peerreach Free

The PeerReach API allows you to give context to the content produced by any Twitter profile. PeerReach has analysed over a 100 million accounts and can return information like, expertise area's. interests, gender, age and location. This free version of our API allows you to make 2400 daily calls.


ScrapeGoat - -

warting Free

This is an api that let's you specify an url and a CSS3 selector or an regexp and get the result as a JSON object. The API can also take screenshots of a webpage, prerendered with javascript or not, and return it as a PNG-image.

Query Classification

Query Classification - -

tdguest Free

This API can be used to find the topic of a keyword query. The topic for the query will be chosen from over 1500 predefined topics. This works best with query phrases like - "Star Wars", "Dell Inspiron 1420 price" This technology has been provided by Query Dynamics LLC ( This technology is being used to categorize tweets at a website called TweetDynamics ( To get the class for the query "Star Wars" submit a GET request to - The following JSON code will be returned: {"Answer": sci-fi movie} The category of the query is within the by the Answer tag. Some of the uses of this api are to create tools for online query analysis and offline query log analysis.


Textuality - -

djinn Paid Usage

The API service to convert web page to clear text. The API which is highly accurate drills down to the most relevant piece of text of web page or a blog and presents it as text. Get started with free daily allowance . You can use this API for free for scraping upto 400 pages a day. Please note: free plan allows extracting 400 pages, any use over the limit will be charged. You can scale to large volume with our paid plans.

Darko Androcec Example

Darko Androcec Example - -

dandrocec Free

Lists summary information about each Salesforce version currently available, including the version, label, and a link to each version's root.


Crawlera - -

scrapinghub Paid Usage

Safely download web pages without the fear of overloading websites or getting banned.


Test - -

yambal Free

Testing API. テスト中のAPIです。 テスト中のAPIです。 テスト中のAPIです。 テスト中のAPIです。

Nepal Loadshedding Schedule

Nepal Loadshedding Schedule - -

acpmasquerade Free

The core API which powers the Loadshedding Schedule service provided by Sparrow SMS for getting the weekly powercut schedule for any group in Nepal. Sparrow SMS has been providing this service via SMS and Web. And its now public for developers too :D

Check That Bike UK

Check That Bike UK - -

stolenbikes88 Free

This API is designed to create a one stop check when buying a bike, users will then be pointed over to the original register.


Twilio - -

ismaelc Free

Twilio powers the future of business communications, enabling phones (SMS, calls), VoIP, and messaging to be embedded into web, desktop, and mobile software. We take care of the messy telecom hardware and expose a globally available cloud API that developers can interact with to build intelligent & complex communications systems. As your app’s usage scales up or down, Twilio automatically scales with you.

Anger Detection for Twitter and Facebook

Anger Detection for Twitter and Facebook - -

sentimental Paid Usage

This unique API will revolutionise your service levels, protect your brand and monitor both sales and promotional campaigns. Designed specifically for social media this API automatically measures the anger levels within social messages so you can quickly highlight action points. Anger Detection is designed to protect your brand and service interaction with an online audience. Identifying badvocates (unhappy clients) will ensure your product launch runs smoothly, your campaign is on track and that no viral negative influence impacts sales revenues. This API has proven successful with large volumes of data, at the individual message level and offers ease of integration with an enterprise system for immediate attention within the relevant area of your business. Historical and current measurement will also be an attractive reason of why to buy this API.


locations - -

damngoodapis Paid Usage

This api allows users to retrieve locations nearby a specific coordinate (latitude, longitude) in the language that most suites them.

Stremor TLDR for HTML  or Text Abstract Generator with Ranked Output

Stremor TLDR for HTML or Text Abstract Generator with Ranked Output - -

stremor Paid Usage

The summarization API takes content of any length (up to 1megabyte) in plain text or HTML, and returns scores for the importance of each sentence 0-99, and a summary roughly 350 characters in length. Summaries are in plain text even if the original content was part of a complex HTML page. This version of the API will return HTML with spans in the content that rank a sentence 0-99. This can be used to present a summary of any length by hiding spans based on a thresh hold. This is great for shortening an HTML document to 50% length and maintaining all of the formatting. Returned text as presented as Json. Requests must be made as a POST request. Content must be at least 3 sentences long for a summary to be generated. The request takes a single query parameter, “content” , which is the text you wish to summarize. Response is text summary, and HTML with spans. Even if content is too short the request will be served a 200 response.


osmpois - - Free

Almost 8 million points of interest (POI) extracted from the OpenStreetMap database. It includes hotels, camps, restaurants, bars, public transportation stops, places for sport or leisure activities and much more. is flexible and extremely fast API for various large volume Open Data sets. Visit the web site to see all available data.


OpenCNAM - -

rdegges Paid Usage

A simple Caller ID API. You give us a phone number, we'll tell you who the person is.


SimilarWeb - -

stevenslivnick Free

SimilarWeb is a research tool that will help you discover the most important traffic insights for any website. SimilarWeb makes web analytics simple and accessible to everyone, showing you the story behind any website with data that will help you analyze your competitors’ traffic and identify growth opportunities online.


rome2rio-12 - -

rome2rio Free

Rome2rio offers a multi-modal travel API that allows users to plan journeys all around the world, by searching plane, train, bus, car and ferry routes. The database currently features over 700 airlines & 2 million surface routes, including extensive rail coverage in Europe, India, Japan, North America and China, and constantly expanding intercity bus, rail and ferry coverage across the globe. Feel free to contact us at with any support questions, or to tell us about your project.

Singapore PSI

Singapore PSI - -

jhtong Free

This API gets the latest inferred Pollutants Standards Index (PSI) reading in Singapore. This information is scraped from Twitter, instead of the official NEA website.

Crosspollinate Content Marketing

Crosspollinate Content Marketing - -

crosspollinate Paid Usage

The Crosspollinate Content Marketing API provides the ability for our clients to programatically access trending content from multiple web sources on ANY keyword/subject, creating the most comprehensive database of engaging content for every type of verticals. This services uses a unique algorithm to search for content relating to even the most obscure keywords and subject focuses and generates a stream of links that content marketers can easily leverage to use whithin their own content marketing applications. Who Should Benefit from the API? Franchises to have access to approved and applicable content from corporate offices Agents or representatives to have consistent content to share on individual fan pages Brands or companies in industries that often struggle to find applicable content to share with their audiences Social Media managers or agencies that live/operate in a different place than clients


MangaReader - -

kotekalabs Free

API for get an Manga , if you will make an manga reader you can use this API. Feature : 1. Searching Manga 2. GetAll Manga List 3. GetFavoritManga If you want contribute for development this project ( Rent a Server , My Cofee, my snack ) . you can give a donation to my paypal acc : billy [ at ] riantono [ dot ] com If you want more feature please contact us

Extract text from PDFs

Extract text from PDFs - -

community Free

Extract text from PDFs Fast and Easy way to extract any text from a PDF Easily implements data-mining, classification, tagging, indexing, etc...


SharedCount - -

yahelc Paid Usage

Track URL shares, likes, tweets, pagecount, all in one place! Currently tracking Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, and Google+1

NLP and Voice interface for Apps

NLP and Voice interface for Apps - -

ar7hur Free

Wit enables developers to add a Siri-like modern natural language interface to their app or device with minimal effort. It integrates well with Android's speech to text engine.

Local Diffusion

Local Diffusion - -

localdiffusion Free

Local Diffusion, a leading provider of local businesses’ contents (opening hours, menus, special offers, pictures...), has a free API that enables publishers to implements thousands of local businesses’ data over major cities in France. Thus, publishers can integrate contents such as menus or special offers directly into their framework to improve user experience, increase key digital metrics and to avoid their users to leave their website to go to competitors. The API allows applications to search for businesses by ID number or address, and to retrieve addresses, contact information, business hours, related services, accepted payment methods, menus and much more... Visit to find out more – or email LD directly at


Ribbet - -

ribbet Free

Ribbet is an online photo editor with free cloud storage, complete editing history, thousands of effects, filters, hand-picked shapes, designer fonts and borders. Ribbet also has bookmarking to allow favorite effects to be stored. With the Ribbet API, developers can integrate the full functionality of Ribbet into their application or website.


GetBalance - -

bips Free

Getting balance of bitcoin and in fiat via API is done by sending an http POST to On a successful POST a JSON encoded array will be received in the response. On any invalid API request, an error message will be received in the response of the POST. Your system should account for this. * API key should never be publicly visible. If compromised, one can generate a new one in BIPS account. BIPS GetBalance example { "btc": { "amount": "0.36723477", "rate": "110.48764" }, "fiat": { "amount": "40.5749", "currency": "USD" } }

Hummingbird v1

Hummingbird v1 - -

vikhyat Free

API for Hummingbird, the easiest way to track, share and discover new anime. Free for non-commercial use.


AlchemyAPI - -

alchemyapi Free

AlchemyAPI provides advanced cloud-based and on-premise text analysis infrastructure that eliminates the expense and difficulty of integrating natural language processing systems into your application, service, or data processing pipeline.

Anime News Network Encyclopedia

Anime News Network Encyclopedia - -

dan42 Free

Get data from the Anime News Network Encyclopedia in XML format.

Sentence Recognition

Sentence Recognition - -

mnutsch Free

The Sentence Recognition API will match strings of text based off of the meaning of the sentences. Its powerful NLP engine offering utilizes a semantic network to understand the text presented.

League of Legends

League of Legends - -

timtastic Free

League Of Legends Api so developers can easier access in game data and use in their own sites. There is no real open api by Riot yet, so I thought I would see if there is any interest in using mine until there is an official one! :) Update:


Pictobar - -

pictobar Free

Pictobar API allows you to submit a full name and will return crowd-sourced personality information about the person for about 15 million people. From adjectives that describe them directly, percent introversion/extroversion, to a 1-5 star scale of how people see the person on: Attractiveness, Friendliness, Openness, Selflessness, and Thoughtfulness, and how people see the person on a sliding scale of bad to good. An API is available that lets users pass a name (full name for best results) to URL using GET in the field 'sid' or POST using 'sid' and returns a JSON or JSONP (if the callback field is included in url). The API returns {'exists': false}, if person has not been created on Pictobar. Pictobar is an open platform for honest and anonymous feedback about people you know, and a great place for you to see how others perceive you. We ultimately want to create a place where we can gauge ourselves on a day to day basis with the help of the people around us. - -

ruggero Free

We synchronize your addresses over JSON, Web widget and personal website. We take the pain away from updating links on the Web when you join a new social communication activity like facebook, linkedin, skype, whatsapp, email and 40 other means of digital communication. is a business card for ubiquitous follow up. Looks great on iphone, ipad and android. It is accessible via Web Widget, JSON and QR code. Sign up now on Example: You can use this API to develop javascript plugin that retrieve personal links of a person via JSON and displays it on a tooltip. When the person updates his reminder with a new link will appear on your tooltip plugin

Best Buy - BBYOpen

Best Buy - BBYOpen - -

bbyopen Free

See how Best Buy's BBYOPEN APIs put customers in control. We create connections for all devices, platforms, channels, technologies and third parties; those that exist now and those that will exist in the future. We are not limited by technology; we are inspired by it. Register: Documentation:

PhantomJs.Cloud - Web Browser and Webpage processing as a Service

PhantomJs.Cloud - Web Browser and Webpage processing as a Service - -

novaleaf Free

Do you need to screen-scrape Javascript Websites? PhantomJs.Cloud is - A web-browser hosted as a service, using Chrome WebKit to render your javascript heavy webpages as HTML, JPEG, PDF, or JSON. - A Cloud of PhantomJS instances to process more than 100 pages per second. - A REST API allowing you to request and obtain your pages. - A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) with free plans, and paid plans starting at $1 for 5,000 pages. (BitCoin and Free plan available) - -

coderholic Free is a free IP information web service providing geolocation, hostname, organization and other data types. The API returns a JSON response containing data fields describing the specified IP. The API supports JSONP callbacks and can provide additional information through a paid service, such as proxy detection, scraping prevention, and improved geolocation accuracy.


Concur - -

ismaelc Free

Concur lets you save time processing your work expense and travel. Give it a spin at . These APIs allow you to create applications that interface with Concur.

Machine Linking

Machine Linking - -

machinelinking Paid Usage

Multilingual text understanding API: developers can extract keywords and entities from unstructured documents and short pieces of text, and enrich them with information extracted from resources of the Linked Open Data cloud, such as DBPedia or Freebase. Other features include text comparison, summarization, and language detection. Available in 30+ languages.


Funambol - -

fabricapo Free

Funambol Cloud API to myFUNAMBOL, a cloud synchronization service to sync contacts, calendar, pictures, videos and files on multiple devices (PC, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian and more) - -

klise17 Free

url shortening for


Imgur - -

imgur Paid Usage

Imgur's API exposes the entire Imgur infrastructure via a standardized programmatic interface. Using Imgur's API, you can do just about anything you can do on, while using your programming language of choice. If you're familiar with the APIs of Twitter, Amazon's S3,, or a host of other web services, you'll feel right at home. The full documentation is available at:


Tagdef - -

snokleby Free is the worlds largest hashtag dictionary. Use this api to access these definitions. The content is user-generated, and the directory currently contains over 60.000 definitions. The hashtags can have many definitions each, ordered by user-votes. The hashtags are often related to Twitter , but is also commonly used on Pinterest and Google+ . This API is free to use, but you must provide a clickable link back to the page for the given tag when using information from the API. This link can be found in the uri part of the reply.

DocuSign REST

DocuSign REST - -

mikebz Free

DocuSign eSignature API allows you to request signatures on contracts, get status, download completed documents and embed DocuSign interface into your apps. You can get a free developer account by going to - -

vijaythampy Free is a service that allows you to add SMS send & receive capability to your apps. uses an easy HTTP API in the cloud with an app on your Android phones. With your dedicated phones and your own GSM connections, you can set up your own unique identity for marketing / notification purposes in multiple countries. Because the phone is always in the target GSM network already, SMS send/receive reliability is unmatched. works on a pay-per-use model, freeing you from minimum use quotas or monthly subscription fees! Get started with in under 5 minutes!


Calculator - -

saids Free

Calculator & converter for all units. Use this API to convert between measurements, Please email or message me for further requests. Any hacker is welcome to participate in this project. thanks.

Weather and Forecast

Weather and Forecast - -

metwit Paid Usage

Howdy Developer, if you are looking for a *weather* API then you search is over! Metwit born as a crowdsourced platform for gathering *real-time* weather reports from real people. After more then ten thousand users started to using our apps and send a massive amount of reports, we decided to release those precious reports through our APIs. And that's not all: we're also offering a single gateway for multiple, hard to parse, sources of forecasts like NOAA, and we're enhancing them with social data like photos, tweets, etc., that we leverage from existing social networks. If you want to try it without a credit card, please go to:


Developer Evangelist at @Mashape. I'm on . A list of 40+ machine learning APIs here

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