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Face - -

lambda Paid Usage

A computer vision api for facial recognition and facial detection that is a perfect replacement. We currently have a free api for face detection.

Audio 2D Code

Audio 2D Code - -

zhulianxing Free

Audio-2d-Code is a new technology to share links using sound which can replace 2Dcode, NFC and Bluetooth in many occasions. By the means of sound broadcasting, the effective range can reach up to 3 meters. The SDK was designed for extension into many use-cases just like file transmission, tickets, broadcasting and other related fields. Now it supports iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 and server development. The client SDK supports multiple platforms. For more information, please refer to the Getting Started page.

QR code generator

QR code generator - -

mutationevent Free

The Mutationevent QR code generator is a simple API that lets users quickly create QR codes. Users can pass in content such as text, URL and SMS and specify image size and quality. The API returns a URL path of the generated image. It uses HTTP calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

Face and Scene recognition provided by

Face and Scene recognition provided by - -

orbeus Free alternative! Our fast, robust and scalable rekognition engine can do facial detection, crawling, recognition, scene understanding! It can be automatically trained using images and tags on Facebook! Please visit or email me in mashape to register free quota! - -

thefosk Paid Usage

An easy RESTful API for manipulating images and applying customizable filters in real-time. You can use the built-in filters or create your own ones on top of our filters. And not only filters: includes resize, rotate and crop functions among the others. No monthly price. Easy as $0.01 per filter. Maximum file size is 4MB.

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