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SwissKnifeDocs - -

gybra Paid Usage

This API can convert documents into another document format. You can convert documents into images too , or you can simply fill the "merge fields" inside your .docx or .doc document and convert it into whatever format you want.


Trans-lator - -

gybra Paid Usage

Have you ever thought that the prices and limitations of Google Translate are so frustrating? If you agree with that question you're in the right place, you can implement this API in your projects without deal with so complicated stuffs. The only thing you have to do is to choose the plan that fit your needs the best.

Textalytics Sentiment Analysis 1.1

Textalytics Sentiment Analysis 1.1 - -

textalytics Free

Multilingual sentiment analysis of texts from different sources (blogs, social networks,...). Besides polarity at sentence and global level, Textalytics Sentiment Analysis 1.1 uses advanced natural language processing techniques to also detect the polarity associated to both entities and concepts in the text. Sentiment Analysis also gives the user the possibility of detecting the polarity of user-defined entities and concepts, making the service a flexible tool applicable to any kind of scenario. Additionally, Sentiment Analysis detects if the text processed is subjective or objective and if it contains irony marks [beta], both at global and sentence level, giving the user additional information about the reliability of the polarity obtained from the sentiment analysis.

Textalytics Media Analysis

Textalytics Media Analysis - -

textalytics Free

Textalytics Media Analysis API analyzes mentions, topics, opinions and facts in all types of media. This API provides services for: - Sentiment analysis - Extracts positive and negative opinions according to the context. - Entities extraction - Identifies persons, companies, brands, products, etc. and provides a canonical form that unifies different mentions (IBM, International Business Machines Corporation, etc.) - Topic and keyword extraction - Facts and other key information - Dates, URLs, addresses, user names, e-mails and money amounts. - Thematic classification - Organize information by topic using IPTC standard classification (more than 200 categories hierarchically structured). - Configured for different type of media: microblogging and social networks, blogs and news - All features available in Spanish and English

Starget sentiment analysis

Starget sentiment analysis - -

tezer Free

This is a short text (a twitt or a single sentence) sentiment classification API. It has two types of analysis: one for finding more (but less accurate) sentiment snippets and another one for finding more accurate sentiment (but missing some difficult cases). Long documents are planned to be supported later.

Face and Scene recognition provided by

Face and Scene recognition provided by - -

orbeus Free alternative! Our fast, robust and scalable rekognition engine can do facial detection, crawling, recognition, scene understanding! It can be automatically trained using images and tags on Facebook! Please visit or email me in mashape to register free quota!


Face - -

lambda Paid Usage

A computer vision api for facial recognition and facial detection that is a perfect replacement. We currently have a free api for face detection.


Jeannie - -

pannous Paid Usage

Jeannie (Voice Actions) is a virtual assistant with over two Million downloads, now also available via API. The objective of this service is to provide you and your robot with the smartest answer to any natural language question, just like Siri. This service provides an interface to the standard functions that users demand of modern voice assistants. For example chatting, looking up information, creating messages and much much more. It also provides useful metadata such as sentence analysis and entity extraction that goes beyond simple chatting and voice commands. Over 2 million users have already been in contact with this API: Examples: Complete documentation:

QR code generator

QR code generator - -

mutationevent Free

The Mutationevent QR code generator is a simple API that lets users quickly create QR codes. Users can pass in content such as text, URL and SMS and specify image size and quality. The API returns a URL path of the generated image. It uses HTTP calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

Texas Holdem

Texas Holdem - -

neurone Free

With this API you can easily create a full Texas Holdem game, just create the graphic and associate it with the results.

Twitter Avatar

Twitter Avatar - -

snaptwit Free

This is is a RESTful API to a Twitter user's avatar.

Text To Voice

Text To Voice - -

yambal Free

Testing API テスト中です テスト中です テスト中です テスト中です テスト中です

MyMemory - Translation Memory

MyMemory - Translation Memory - -

translated Paid Usage

Get a better translation! MyMemory is the world's largest Translation Memory. It contains billions of words translated by professional translators. MyMemory will give you a machine translation (Google, Microsoft or our) only when a human translation is not available.


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