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Bloodline - -

itsbala https://www.mashape.com/itsbala/ Free

The API description should use words that match your API offering and what the developer is searching for in Mashape.

HN Search

HN Search - -

speedblue https://hn.algolia.com/api Free

This API is built on top of Algolia Search's API. It enables developers to access HN (Hacker News) data programmatically using a REST API. This documentation describes how to request data from the API and how to interpret the response.


Avatars.io - -

community http://avatars.io/ Free

Every app needs avatars, we make it hassle-free hosted user avatar service for your apps and sites


JereNet - -

thejeremail http://thejeremail.net Free

Perform actions on the JereNet. This API let's you use the JereCredit system or login to use other services on the JereNet.


JereChat - -

thejeremail http://thejeremail.net/?p=t&s=jc Free

The JereChat API enables you to send and receive messages on the JereNet using your own applications or embedded scripts!

Tweet Sentiment Analysis

Tweet Sentiment Analysis - -

jamiembrown https://www.tweetsentimentapi.com/ Free

The Tweet Sentiment API lets you send small chunks of text - for example Tweets or Facebook Posts - and returns information about whether the sentiment is probably positive, negative or neutral, along with a score indicating how strong that probability is. It does this using natural language processing, breaking the text down into component parts and comparing those parts to a massive database of human-rated historical data.

Samepoint Monitor

Samepoint Monitor - -

samepoint http://www.samepoint.biz Paid Usage

The Samepoint Trend API Data-set represent a collection of current trends in news and media. It does not include everything in social media however it can be trained to find most content when put in monitoring mode.


SharedCount - -

yahelc http://www.sharedcount.com Paid Usage

Track URL shares, likes, tweets, pagecount, all in one place! Currently tracking Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, and Google+1


Pictobar - -

pictobar http://www.pictobar.com Free

Pictobar API allows you to submit a full name and will return crowd-sourced personality information about the person for about 15 million people. From adjectives that describe them directly, percent introversion/extroversion, to a 1-5 star scale of how people see the person on: Attractiveness, Friendliness, Openness, Selflessness, and Thoughtfulness, and how people see the person on a sliding scale of bad to good. An API is available that lets users pass a name (full name for best results) to URL using GET in the field 'sid' or POST using 'sid' and returns a JSON or JSONP (if the callback field is included in url). The API returns {'exists': false}, if person has not been created on Pictobar. Pictobar is an open platform for honest and anonymous feedback about people you know, and a great place for you to see how others perceive you. We ultimately want to create a place where we can gauge ourselves on a day to day basis with the help of the people around us.