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Weibo - -

shadow http://api.weibo.com/2/ Free

Sina Weibo API


ttb.li - -

tschoffelen http://ttb.li/api Free

Online URL Shortener and File Sharer API.

Viralheat Sentiment

Viralheat Sentiment - -

electic Free

Viralheat sentiment is free API and allows users to submit short chunks of text for sentiment scoring.


MyCloudPortal.NET - -

swiftredvette Free

MyCloudPortal.NET API gives you a wide array of free tools for quickly creating webpages, blog posts, newsletters, email, social, and more.


family - -

summit4you http://familyday.com.cn/ Free

family social client restful


PeerReach - -

peerreach http://peerreach.com Free

The PeerReach API allows you to give context to the content produced by any Twitter profile. PeerReach has analysed over a 100 million accounts and can return information like, expertise area's. interests, gender, age and location. This payed version of our API allows you to make 10,000 calls each hour.


Yotpo - -

omrico1 http://www.yotpo.com Free

Yotpo is taking reviews social being a fun, social way for your e-commerce customers to read and write reviews! BEFORE YOU BEGIN, you must sign for a free account at Yotpo: https://www.yotpo.com/register , and you are more than welcome to further read on us at: http://www.yotpo.com . We also encourage first time users to checkout our example sites where Yotpo is installed: http://magento.yotpo.com/ http://shop.yotpo.com for list of existing customers please refer to our website. Yotpo API, works above the Yotpo Social Reviews service. It is designed to create more customised solutions for Yotpo customers, and to let them smartly integrate with Yotpo's system. Stayed tuned, the Yotpo API is a work in progress.


oDeskTemp - -

harryanderson35 Free

Refactoring oDesk APIs


Santopedia - -

natxet http://www.santopedia.com Free

Información sobre Santoral.


ViralNinjas - -

viralninjas http://www.viralninjas.com Free

ViralNinjas REST API is the core of ViralNinjas Platform. On top of the REST API, ViralNinjas offers a set of Server Side SDKs that provide wrappers around the API. The server-side SDKs make it simple to integrate the ViralNinjas platform in server applications of various technological environments. Check out our Server Side SDKs documentation and find out if there is an SDK available for your preferred technology. Otherwise, please continue with this guide and learn how to use our REST API directly.