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Text-Processing - -

japerk http://text-processing.com Paid Usage

Sentiment analysis, stemming and lemmatization, part-of-speech tagging and chunking, phrase extraction and named entity recognition.

Spamhaus and Surbl REST interface

Spamhaus and Surbl REST interface - -

flagz Paid Usage

Rest api to verify if an url has been marked as spam using the well known spamhaus and surbl services. Supports: SpamHaus zen (SBL e-mail spam, XBL infected PCs, PBL unsolicited smtp traffic) Surbl multi (Spamcop, sa-blacklist, Outblaze, Abusebutler, Phishtank, Zeus tracker, jwSpamSpy, Prolocation)

Japan 365 Days

Japan 365 Days - -

jy.mashape Paid Usage

This API is now Testing... This API is now Testing... This API is now Testing...


Entities - -

webknox http://webknox.com/api Paid Usage

The WebKnox entities API gives you access to millions of entities such as cities, actors, movies, cars, etc. You can search for entities and get factual information. Additionally, you may detect known entities from texts (often referred to as Named Entity Recognition).

Airport Charts

Airport Charts - -

laiello http://charts.aero/ Paid Usage

API Access to the Worldwide Airport Chart Database at Charts.Aero - Includes links to PDF files.

Machine Linking

Machine Linking - -

machinelinking http://machinelinking.com Paid Usage

Multilingual text understanding API: developers can extract keywords and entities from unstructured documents and short pieces of text, and enrich them with information extracted from resources of the Linked Open Data cloud, such as DBPedia or Freebase. Other features include text comparison, summarization, and language detection. Available in 30+ languages.

ESA Semantic Relatedness

ESA Semantic Relatedness - -

amtera http://www.amtera.com.br Paid Usage

Calculates the semantic relatedness between pairs of text excerpts based on the likeness of their meaning or semantic content.

Word Graph Dictionary

Word Graph Dictionary - -

twinword http://twinword.com Paid Usage

Rich information for a word, which includes definitions, associations, examples, exam history, difficulty level, reference words, and much more.

Visual Context Graph

Visual Context Graph - -

twinword http://twinword.com Paid Usage

Diagram information for visualizing concepts or mind map.

Language Scoring

Language Scoring - -

twinword http://twinword.com Paid Usage

Evaluate which word, sentence, or paragraph is more difficult than the others.