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ManageBGL - -

managebgl http://www.ManageBGL.com Free

Cloud-based diabetes management platform. Calculates doses and tracks insulin on board just like an insulin pump would. Predicts blood sugars up to eight hours ahead, and provides historical data like a Continuous Glucose Monitor. Real-time coach provides real time dose adjustment advice, and warnings of pending low blood sugars. Live sharing with parents, teachers, healthcare providers and other care givers. Accepts data from 60 different meters, pumps and CGMS devices. RESTful API, default formats are XML, JSON, RSS and Atom. Prediction - the game-changer in diabetes analytics.


Human - -

humanapi http://humanapi.co Free

human/api is a platform that makes human health data available through a RESTful web service. We make it very easy to securely get a human's current or past health data.

The Cancer Imaging Archive

The Cancer Imaging Archive - -

tcia http://www.cancerimagingarchive.net Free

NOTE: You need an API-Key to use this API. See README for more details. The Cancer Imaging Archive (TCIA) is a public repository of cancer images and related clinical data for the express purpose of enabling open science research. Currently over 26 million radiologic images of cancer are contained in this repository. The API allows you to query metadata and download images from the various public collections available on TCIA


23andMe - -

23andme https://api.23andme.com Free

23andMe's OAuth 2.0 API lets developers build apps and tools on the human genome. Our customers are genotyped for over 1,000,000 SNPs, conveniently accessible through our free REST API. Not genotyped? We have demo endpoints. No need for a Ph.D. Our scientists have analyzed disease risk, calculated ancestry, and found relatives for genotyped customers. You could use this data without even knowing what a gene is!

Life Expectancy

Life Expectancy - -

bechllc Free

Returns life expectancy in different formats, such as years left to live and fraction of life completed. Based on US data.


FarmPalma - -

pmi http://www.cofib.es Free

Consulta en tiempo real el listado de farmacias abiertas.



iterar http://mapi-us.iterar.co Paid Usage

Information about drugs available through an API. Accessible everywhere.

CPSO Lookup

CPSO Lookup - -

ben-yu http://ec2-54-186-246-142.us-west-2.compute.amazonaws.com Paid Usage

API to find Physician CPSO numbers based on physican name, address, site location, etc...