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Routific - -

community https://www.routific.com/developers Free

We provide a solution to automate and optimize your routing and scheduling operations. Whether you deliver groceries, distribute compost bins, or pick up laundry — any Vehicle Routing Problem for that matter — we got your back.

Address Correction and Geocoding

Address Correction and Geocoding - -

yurisw http://www.yurisw.com Free

YAddress performs correction, validation, standardization and geocoding of US addresses. It combines the cleansing of addresses and determination of their location on the map into a single-pass process. YAddress corrects thousands of common misspellings, abbreviations, and alternative names for cities and streets. It returns the corrected addresses in the USPS-standard form with proper abbreviations and assigns correct ZIP and ZIP+4 codes as well as other address parameters, such as county, FIPS codes, census tract and block numbers, etc.

OpenAPI 1.2

OpenAPI 1.2 - -

transloc http://www.transloc.com/ Free

The TransLoc PublicAPI is a RESTful API which allows you to incorporate real-time vehicle tracking information into your web or mobile applications. It exposes several resources that allow you to access real-time information about transit systems tracked by TransLoc Inc.

IP Info

IP Info - -

neutrinoapi https://www.neutrinoapi.com/api/ip-info/ Free

Get location information about an IP address. Depending on the specific IP address you can determine the country, region, city, longitude and latitude of the address. Our high quality database for geolocation data is being constantly updated as the internet address allocation changes (the database is usually updated at least once per month). This API can also be used to do reverse DNS (PTR) lookups.


YourMapper2 - -

yourmapper http://www.yourmapper.com/use-our-api.php Paid Usage

Tap into the millions of points of local, open, civic data nationwide, for you own websites or mobile applications. List of data: http://www.yourmapper.com/browse Datasets include crime, property values, restaurant health ratings, EPA pollution, toxic, and greenhouse gas emissions, historic sites, yelp reviews, sex offenders, car accidents, building permits, foreclosures, real estate, bridge safety, nursing homes, public schools, public transit, meth labs, catholic churches, and cultural attractions. Coverage is national, but data availability depends on source data access. Some city data is included in Anchorage, San Francisco, San Jose, Washington, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, Indianapolis, Louisville, Albuquerque, New York, Cincinnati, Portland, Fort Worth, and Richmond. We can add local data in your city if available.


CrimeScore - -

yourmapper http://www.myCrimeScore.com/ Paid Usage

National CrimeScore Safety Rating! - 1-100 grade for your current location. - Formula uses local daily crime reports. - Get web widgets, or use our API in your app. CrimeScores are returned for the following cities, with more being added soon. San Francisco, CA Washington, DC Anchorage, AK Louisville, KY Miami, FL Fort Worth, TX Chicago, IL Seattle, WA Indianapolis, IN Albuquerque, NM Richmond, VA Cincinnati, OH Atlanta, GA CrimeScore rating is a propriety methodology based on address-level crime reports, weighted for type of crime, recency, and proximity, then adjusted by neighboring CrimeScore ratings, and finally statistically standardized across a bell curve based on all the CrimeScores across a city, updated daily. Use our official CrimeScore badges to easily give information at a glance. Returns a 1-100 score, an A-F grade, and choose from multiple badge sizes.

RedLine Zipcode

RedLine Zipcode - -

redline http://redline13.com Paid Usage

The Zip Code API provides the following functions: Distance Between Zip Code API - The API allows you to quickly and easily figure out the distance between zip codes. Zip Codes in Radius API - You can use this API to find all zip codes within a given radius from another zip code. Zip Code to City and State API and Zip Code to Latitude/Longitude API - The API can convert a zip code to the primary location for the zip code. This includes the city, state, latitude, and longitude for the primary location. City to Zip Code - This API looks up the Zip Code based on the City and State.

WorldTime.io - Developer

WorldTime.io - Developer - -

worldtimeengine http://worldtime.io/api Paid Usage

The Developer version of the World Time Engine API. This API is suitable for small to medium scale projects. If you need more queries per month than we provide via this version of our API then you should check out the enterprise version of this API, also available at the link above.