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Seevl - -

terraces http://developers.seevl.com Free

Unlimited and Targeted Music Discovery. Get personal recommendations, enjoy unlimited mixtapes, discover new artists, and much more! Our API lets you search for, discover and explore music entities and their connections.

Love Calculator

Love Calculator - -

ajith Free

Enter your name and the name of your partner/lover/crush to find Love compatibility & chances of successful love relationship.


LoLWT - -

xavblog http://www.xrecasens.info Free

LoLWT API for League of Legends. LoLWT API provides you data from RIOT League of Legends ! Features : - List of all types supported : Languages, Items, Summoner spells, Champions, Champions spells, Masteries, Runes, Profile icons. - GetJson data of : Item, Mastery, Rune, Champion, Summoner spell, Champion spell, Profile icon. - 5 Languages : French, English, Deutsch, Español, Italiano LoLWT Api also gives u LoLWT-Tags and LoLWT-div, 2 way to use my javascript LoLWT script, see demo on http://www.xrecasens.info/informatique/lol-webmaster-tooltip-1-1-lolwt/


IMDb - -

apathetic Paid Usage

An Unofficial API for IMDb.com. Use it to collect data from IMDb.