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AppsBuilder - -

appsbuilder http://www.apps-builder.com/ Free

AppsBuilder is a do it yourself platform for mobile applications development. No coding skills are needed! Trough a single building process users can create an app for iOS (iPad, iPhone/iPod), Android (Tablets & Phones) and Windows Phone. Last but not least, your app will be available for the Chrome Web Store and with a Mobile Site Html5 version. All content is stored on Cloud, enabling real time updates. All JSON structures can also be retrieved here: https://appsbuilder.atlassian.net/wiki/display/res/App+JSON


MakePlans - -

makeplans http://makeplans.net Free

MakePlans is a simple and flexible scheduling and appointment booking system which lets your customers book online quick and easy.


GTmetrix - -

gtmetrix http://gtmetrix.com/api/ Free

Full page performance and speed analysis with a real browser using Google PageSpeed and Yahoo YSlow. Using the GTmetrix API, you can integrate performance testing into your development environment or into your application. The GTmetrix API is based on the Web Testing Framework (WTF) Testing Service API which is RESTful API. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments about the API, or if you end up using it in a cool and interesting way! Signup instantly for free and get your API key at http://gtmetrix.com/

Streak CRM for GMAIL

Streak CRM for GMAIL - -

jenbrannstrom https://www.streak.com Free

connects to "Streak CRM" Streak offers a simple CRM extension to use with Gmail. You install it in the Chrome browser, then create a set of workflow interfaces in Gmail that allow you to organize related sets of emails. * Send reminders to yourself in Gmail, * Queue mails to be sent at certain dates * create worklows Some recent email extensions, like Rapportive, also provide lightweight CRM features, but Streak goes way deeper into the workflow process.

Anger Detection for Twitter and Facebook

Anger Detection for Twitter and Facebook - -

sentimental http://sentimental.co Paid Usage

This unique API will revolutionise your service levels, protect your brand and monitor both sales and promotional campaigns. Designed specifically for social media this API automatically measures the anger levels within social messages so you can quickly highlight action points. Anger Detection is designed to protect your brand and service interaction with an online audience. Identifying badvocates (unhappy clients) will ensure your product launch runs smoothly, your campaign is on track and that no viral negative influence impacts sales revenues. This API has proven successful with large volumes of data, at the individual message level and offers ease of integration with an enterprise system for immediate attention within the relevant area of your business. Historical and current measurement will also be an attractive reason of why to buy this API.


edocr - -

edocr http://www.edocr.com Free

Upload docs/pdfs 4 lead generation. Export leads 2 CRM/email marketing 4 lead nurturing.

Social Media Email Search

Social Media Email Search - -

vondrakk Paid Usage

This API allows searching the popular social networks (facebook, linkedin, twitter, tumblr, myspace) for an email address. If found, the site ID will be returned.


Passbook - -

passslot http://www.passslot.com Free

PassSlot is a free service for developers that aims to make Passbook integration easy – Really easy.


FacturaElectronicaMexicoPruebas - -

socializando Free

Obtén todos los servicios relacionados con la factura electrónica mexicana, desde comprar facturas, realizar facturación, revender facturas, validar las mismas, etc. Nota: este Api es de prueba utilízalo para desarrollar cuando ya lo tengas funcionando, deberás utilizar el otro Api (Producción) para comenzar a facturar.


Textuality - -

djinn http://saaskit.in Paid Usage

The API service to convert web page to clear text. The API which is highly accurate drills down to the most relevant piece of text of web page or a blog and presents it as text. Get started with free daily allowance . You can use this API for free for scraping upto 400 pages a day. Please note: free plan allows extracting 400 pages, any use over the limit will be charged. You can scale to large volume with our paid plans.