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Proxies - -

webknox http://webknox.com/api Paid Usage

The WebKnox proxies API lets you retrieve public proxies. We try to keep a list of fresh, unblocked, high responsive, and alive proxies. Public proxies come and go so it is not guaranteed that they are available at the point of retrieval. You can improve proxy delivery by sending feedback whether a proxy is blocked or dead.

Text Processing

Text Processing - -

webknox http://webknox.com/api Paid Usage

The WebKnox text processing API lets you process (natural) language texts. You can detect the text's language, the quality of the writing, find entity mentions, tag part-of-speech, extract dates, extract locations, or determine the sentiment of the text.


Web - -

webknox http://webknox.com/api Paid Usage

This WebKnox web API lets you process Web pages. You can detect (publish, modified dates, language), extract (author, content, facts), and rank (using a service or rating the quality).


Keywords - -

webknox http://webknox.com/api Paid Usage

The WebKnox keyword API gives you access to keyword data. You can find information about keywords such as how often they are searched, how many competing pages there are on Google. You may also get a list of related keywords to your given keywords.


Domainr - -

nbio http://domai.nr/ Free

Worldwide domain search. Docs: http://domai.nr/api


oDesk - -

ipeirotis Free

Experimental oDesk API - Not functioning for the public yet. Please avoid relying on anything that you see here as an example of an official oDesk API. This is just an exercise.


Convert - -

parsify http://parsify.me Paid Usage

Platform agnostic API to convert your markup, styling, and templating documents on the fly with caching, viewing, and premium features such as analytics for your conversions. Currently markup, styling, and templating languages supported is markdown, textile, less, sass, jade, hogan, dust, ejs, handlebars, jazz, swig, stylus, and whiskers. If you would like to talk about better pricing, more features, or ideas... Let us know!


DriveFarm - -

zero12srl http://www.drivefarm.com Free

DRIVEFARM is a new cloud file manager, projected and developed to help little and medium companies in their daily maintenance of their documents assets. With DRIVEFARM you can optimize your company procedures, sharing projects, contracts and catalogues with your work team. DRIVEFARM allows the management and personalization of every single employee profile and correlated privileges. Every company member can share his/her files and documents with other inner or outer colleagues, directly from Web or Mobile App. DRIVEFARM tracks files sharing and sending activities, respecting privacy rules. The company manager can verify members usage of documents assets and identify any company policies not compliant activity.


WhoAPI - -

whoapi http://whoapi.com Paid Usage

Get extensive domain data on a massive scale. Domain data like structured whois info, domain availability & expiry date, server uptime from all our world wide nodes and many more valuable data.

Chinese Sentiment Analysis for Weibo

Chinese Sentiment Analysis for Weibo - -

sentimental http://sentimental.co Paid Usage

This API performs Chinese Sentiment Analysis for Social Media (such as Sina Weibo statuses). For a provided message it classifies the status as positive or negative. The system is designed specifically for social media and so it can take advantage of slang and niche language. Please note: The free plan offers 500 statuses classified per day - any use over this will be charged for. 此API适用于中文社交媒体的情感分析(例如新浪微博),能针对每一条消息进行情感分类:正面或负面。该系统基于社交媒体,能够充分利用俚语,特殊词语等新新网络用语。请注意:该免费版本提供每天500条消息分类 - 超过此上限,将会被额外收费。