SpringSense Meaning Recognition

SpringSense Meaning Recognition - -

springsense http://springsense.com/api Paid Usage

Free plan available! The fastest and most accurate Meaning Recognition (Word Sense Disambiguation) API in the world. Recognises any nouns along with their correct meanings in a body of text and allows you to provide a rich user-interface with meaning definitions. More exhaustive (and useful) bindings are available at: http://github.com/SpringSense/ruby-api-bindings http://github.com/SpringSense/java-api-bindings http://github.com/SpringSense/python-api-bindings Example usage: https://github.com/SpringSense/dumber-downer


StockTwits - -

stocktwits http://stocktwits.com/developers Free

StockTwits provides a social communications platform and social graph for anyone interested in the markets and investing.

Language detection

Language detection - -

sprawk http://www.sprawk.com/ Paid Usage

Takes a piece of text and detects the language it is written in.


Capitalizer - -

sprawk http://www.sprawk.com/ Paid Usage

Changes the capitalization of input text based on language style rules - supports over 20 languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Swedish, Indonesian and more.

Idilia Sense Analytics

Idilia Sense Analytics - -

idilia http://www.idilia.com/ Free

Precisely annotate text with fine senses using the world's only API that disambiguates both common words (all parts of speech) and proper nouns (NEs) with near human accuracy. Use specialized recipes for well-formed text, queries, and social media (e.g. tweets). Get lexical annotation, statistical confidence scores, external links (wikipedia, twitter verified accounts, etc), and precise classification of NEs. Tags: disambiguation, wsd, text analytics, language, sense annotation, semantic, extraction ** For more documentation see at http://idilia.com/docs/rest_api/text-disambiguate ** Developer forum at http://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!forum/idilia-developers

oDesk APIs

oDesk APIs - -

harryanderson35 https://www.odesk.com Free

oDesk APIs allowed for authorized users to can access and build their own oDesk applications.


Yotpo - -

omrico1 http://www.yotpo.com Free

Yotpo is taking reviews social being a fun, social way for your e-commerce customers to read and write reviews! BEFORE YOU BEGIN, you must sign for a free account at Yotpo: https://www.yotpo.com/register , and you are more than welcome to further read on us at: http://www.yotpo.com . We also encourage first time users to checkout our example sites where Yotpo is installed: http://magento.yotpo.com/ http://shop.yotpo.com for list of existing customers please refer to our website. Yotpo API, works above the Yotpo Social Reviews service. It is designed to create more customised solutions for Yotpo customers, and to let them smartly integrate with Yotpo's system. Stayed tuned, the Yotpo API is a work in progress.


Subtitle - -

warting Free

Swedish subtitle API for movies. More languages coming soon...


Sidebuy - -

sidebuy http://sidebuy.com Free

Daily Deals and Coupons Aggregator

Flight Number Lookup - REST Method

Flight Number Lookup - REST Method - -

flightlookup http://www.flightlookup.com Paid Usage

FlightLookup Flight Metadata - Need to know the details of a flight or its route then this is a quick lookup service. *Metadata on Specific Flight, *Arrive, Depart, Times, Days of operation, Operating Carrier, Terminal