IP Info

IP Info - -

neutrinoapi https://www.neutrinoapi.com/api/ip-info/ Free

Get location information about an IP address. Depending on the specific IP address you can determine the country, region, city, longitude and latitude of the address. Our high quality database for geolocation data is being constantly updated as the internet address allocation changes (the database is usually updated at least once per month). This API can also be used to do reverse DNS (PTR) lookups.


Airbrite.io - -

community https://www.airbrite.io/documentation Free

Build great online stores with airbrite.io Finally, an e-commerce API for developers.


Osmosis - -

osmosis https://www.getosmosis.com Free

You can access your data via our simple RESTful API. We are still adding new resources to this API so be careful. The main goal of this API is to connect with other applications so your data can be exchanged based on your preferences. auth Each of your requests should include the query string "key". The value must be your API key found on your Settings page. url The API URL is: https://www.getosmosis.com/api/resource/method — (i.e https://www.getosmosis.com/api/Activities/Push)

Porn Filter

Porn Filter - -

nsure.io http://nsure.io Paid Usage

Scan images and image URLs to determine if they contain inappropriate content. Send us an image, and we will tell you if it's likely to be porn. A note about scanning for porn: Nothing in this world is perfect. Our API looks at skin tones, shapes and other cues to identify images that are likely to be inappropriate, but nothing is ever going to be perfect. Just like virus scanning, spam filters and other things, some false positives and missed hits will occur.

Virus Filter

Virus Filter - -

nsure.io http://nsure.io Paid Usage

You send us a file or a URL of a file, and we will tell you if it contains a virus. Super cool, super easy. Wanna test it out? Send the eicar test virus as a Base64 encoded string, or send us a link to the file online! Learn more about the Eicar test file at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EICAR_test_file


Language - -

nsure.io http://nsure.io Paid Usage

You give us some text, and we will tell you the language. We know about 50 or so languages, and are over 90% accurate when we have more than 20 words of text to scan. With short text, use the probability result to get a better sense of what language(s) you could be seeing.

Bootic Product Search

Bootic Product Search - -

thebootic http://www.bootic.com Free

Bootic is the marketplace to find a wide range of products. Bootic's Product Search API gives you direct access to all that our product search engine has to offer: keywords, products attributes, price ranges and many more features to find the exact product from the best online storefront on the Internet.


Jeannie - -

pannous http://jeannie-assistant.com Paid Usage

Jeannie (Voice Actions) is a virtual assistant with over two Million downloads, now also available via API. The objective of this service is to provide you and your robot with the smartest answer to any natural language question, just like Siri. This service provides an interface to the standard functions that users demand of modern voice assistants. For example chatting, looking up information, creating messages and much much more. It also provides useful metadata such as sentence analysis and entity extraction that goes beyond simple chatting and voice commands. Over 2 million users have already been in contact with this API: http://www.voice-actions.com/ Examples: https://weannie.pannous.com/api?input=hi&login=test-user https://ask.pannous.com/?input=hi Complete documentation: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dVG_B5Sc2x-fi1pN6iJJjfF1bJY6KEFzUqjOb8NsntI/edit


DMOZ - -

enclout http://www.enclout.com Free

This API retrieves DMOZ category for a given domain