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Recognize.By - -

recognizeby http://recognize.by Free

Recognize.By service is intended to aid websites, scripts, applications and other automated tools in analysis of human-readable data, such as images, sounds or videos. Currently only images are supported (including animated GIFs), but we are working hard on extending this functionality. We see recognition as a process of determining answers to questions that you ask about particular image. We don't want to limit you by giving abstract descriptions like "it looks like a tree", instead we let you construct your own questions, for example, "does this person wear sunglasses?".

IMDB Unofficial

IMDB Unofficial - -

sphirelabs http://www.apis.ga/ Free

get unofficial imdb api for you guys enjoy.no tym to rite good desc now.will update later

Blockchain Info

Blockchain Info - -

community https://blockchain.info/ Free

Plaintext query api to retreive data from blockchain.info

Advanced Porn Nudity and adult-content detection

Advanced Porn Nudity and adult-content detection - -

sphirelabs http://www.apis.ga/ Free

Advanced porn and Nudity detection from submitted image Urls. Find if the skin tone present in the image is high than a normal level. Also detect if the url contains a bad keyword in it. Keywords: nude, nudity detection, nudity recognition, nudity filter, porn detection, porn filter, image protection, image analysis, image detection,adult filter,bad image,kids protection.


Xplenty - -

xplenty http://www.xplenty.com Free

Xplenty’s Data Integration-as-a-Service harnesses the power of Hadoop to provide an easy-to-use, scalable ETL service that makes it a snap to prepare your structured and semi-structured data for analytics. With Xplenty, you can join data from one or more sources, such asMongoDB, PostgreSQL or MySQL, to transform your structured and semi-structured data stored on AWS, Rackspace, Google Cloud or IBM SoftLayer. Xplenty lets you easily design data flows with a rich set of powerful transformation functions. The Xplenty API provides functions for controlling and monitoring Xplenty clusters and jobs. After defining an Xplenty data processing package using the Xplenty web application, you can call the Xplenty API to: Create Hadoop clusters Run jobs Monitor their progress Terminate jobs and clusters You can choose to use the Xplenty REST API, or one of its wrappers: the Java wrapper, the Python wrapper or the Ruby wrapper.

Doodle3D WiFi-Box

Doodle3D WiFi-Box - -

doodle3d http://www.doodle3d.com Free

Simple REST API to makes almost all 3D printers wirelessly controllable using the Doodle3D WiFi-Box.

HeartBleed Test

HeartBleed Test - -

ultimate https://filippo.io/Heartbleed/ Free

A simple API to check if a host is vulnerable to heartbleed (CVE-2014-0160), the OpenSSL bug. It uses a web-service provided by filippo.io

Indian State Wise District Info

Indian State Wise District Info - -

sphirelabs http://www.apis.ga/ Free

Find the state wise Districts Info for India. Just enter the state as ISO Code as listed here. http://www.apis.ga/StateISOcode.txt

BSNL Balance Checker

BSNL Balance Checker - -

sphirelabs http://www.apis.ga/ Free

Check your BSNL Mobile Talk time Balance Using this API. Talktime Balance of both GSM & CDMA technologies are available.Check your Friends, Wife's ,etc Balance by only knowing their Mobile Number.

Reliance Balance Checker

Reliance Balance Checker - -

sphirelabs http://www.apis.ga/ Free

Check Reliance talk time balance on-line. You can check your friends, Wife's, GF's Reliance balance with only knowing their mobile Number.