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Online Access

Online Access - -

onlineaccess http://onlineaccess.github.io Free

Online Access API - secure way to access your local data anywhere

Yaware Data

Yaware Data - -

api4yaware http://www.yaware.com.ua Free

Yaware is the most effective employee time tracking software you will ever use. It's an automated, simple and convenient tool for monitoring the working time and productivity of the whole team. Wherever your employees work, all the data about their working time and productivity is gathered in your account. Yaware provides you with powerful business intelligence and helps your team get more productive!

Relief Web

Relief Web - -

community http://labs.reliefweb.int Free

ReliefWeb is a leading source of information on global crises and disasters. Our continuous coverage and archive going back to the 1970s makes ReliefWeb an unparalleled resource for both current and historical data on humanitarian response.

Alki Page

Alki Page - -

alkipage Free

API Rest alkipage. Documentação dos métodos da api com modelos de input e output, especificações de parametros, etc.

Postcoder Web

Postcoder Web - -

allies http://www.alliescomputing.com/products/postcoder-web Free

A simple UK postcode lookup API with the latest Royal Mail addresses. Sign up for a free trial or buy credits on our website.

HTML to PDF Converter

HTML to PDF Converter - -

petadata Paid Usage

This service converts web pages to PDF formats. You can specify additional parameters to customize conversion process. It runs on cloud-based, high-availability, fault-tolerant server farm at Amazon EC2.


Kudobuzz - -

sentlizer https://kudobuzz.com Free

Kudobuzz provides an online widget to generate more reviews to increase traffic and boost sales. Its customizable widget enables users to generate reviews for client’s site through social media and its After Purchase Mail feature; optimize reviews for search engines to raise the rankings of products in search results; and share verified reviews with customers on social media.


SpinMaster - -

unslap http://unslap.com/ Paid Usage

Content spinning is an SEO method where search engine optimizers post an original variant of content on article directories, Web 2.0 services, or other sources for backlinks. It's sometimes used by web masters on their own websites but typically avoided because the quality of rewritten articles will often be lower than hand written content. Unlike other automated spinners, SpinMaster uses semantic analysis of your text to determine its actual meaning. Not just the meaning of the text as a whole, but the way that words relate to one another. This allows the software to generate high-quality, unique articles at the push of a button by using only synonyms that make sense in their given context. Billing is straightforward. There are two methods you can call, one to create spintax from a given piece of text, and one to generate unique texts based on a piece of spintax.

Open Weather Map

Open Weather Map - -

community Free

Get weather and weather forecasts for multiple cities.