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Configuring the Cloud Proxy

APIs on Mashape are running behind a low latency, enterprise-class, HTTP(s) Cloud API Proxy.

Developers consume APIs thru the Mashape Cloud Proxy, where add-ons make their magic happen, and the request is then forwarded to the original API server. The response generated by the API server is then returned to the Cloud Proxy that returns it to the client.

Mashape hosts a Low-Latency, Enterprise-Class HTTP(S) Cloud API Proxy, not the APIs which are hosted on the provider's infrastructure.

Base Final URL

When you Add an API, the first things that we ask for are a Name and a Base Final URL. Because Mashape doesn't know in advance where the API is hosted, the proxy wouldn't know where to forward the requests without the Base Final URL (that targets the API server).

The Base Final URL is the portion of the URL that never changes between different API endpoints.

Correctly setting a Base Final URL is the first thing to do when you add an API. Without it, nothing works.
You can set it when you create an API, and update it from the Proxy Settings tab in the API admin.


You have an API with two endpoints like:


The Base Final URL is: