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Word Cloud Maker

Word Cloud Maker - -

gatheringpoint http://gatheringpoint.com/ Free

Generate Word Clouds from blocks of text. Multi color and different sizes illustrate the frequency, and the "vibe" of the bigger text. Try it with blog posts, article text, speeches, tweet histories, emails, or any other written word.

Random Movie Quotes

Random Movie Quotes - -

reddragon88 http://www.randquotes.com/ Free

I like movies, and I like repeating legendary quotes from the movies that I like in daily life. I thought it would be cool, if I could have a API which would give me a random quote from one of these movies, and I could use it as a source as a fortune server, and other cool things. So I quickly wrote up one. Right now this server serves quotes for Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Quentin Tarantino's movies and Andaz Apna Apna, and returns a plain text quote (and in cowsay format, if you specify so).

Weather and Forecast

Weather and Forecast - -

metwit http://metwit.com/weather-api/ Paid Usage

Howdy Developer, if you are looking for a *weather* API then you search is over! Metwit born as a crowdsourced platform for gathering *real-time* weather reports from real people. After more then ten thousand users started to using our apps and send a massive amount of reports, we decided to release those precious reports through our APIs. And that's not all: we're also offering a single gateway for multiple, hard to parse, sources of forecasts like NOAA, and we're enhancing them with social data like photos, tweets, etc., that we leverage from existing social networks. If you want to try it without a credit card, please go to: http://metwit.com/weather-api/

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