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Install Kong
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RESTful Interface

Built on top of NGINX, Kong can be fully operated with a simple and easy to use RESTful API.

Plugin Oriented

Put your services behind Kong and add powerful functionality through Kong Plugins, in one command.

Platform Agnostic

Kong can run anywhere, in the cloud or on-premise - in a single, hybrid or multi-datacenter setup.

Simple Scaling

Kong is designed to easily scale horizontally by just adding more machines of any size.

We remove all the hassle of creating and maintaining technical docs, and make onboarding developers easy.

Build API Docs
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Markdown Editor

Write your docs in Markdown with our live preview editor, use full-screen "zen" mode, include images and code snippets.

Automatic API Explorer

There's just no substitute for seeing it in action, so we make sure it's just a couple of clicks before your Developers can have a play!

Import Swagger or API-blueprint

Upload or sync with Github, up to you - and if you don't have a definition, just use our awesome reference editor!

Developer Registration

Help your developers get on board, and then keep them in the loop. Developers can sign up with Github, Twitter, or the old-fashioned way.

The Analytics Platform for APIs, Microservices and Serverless Software.

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Realtime Logging

View actual request & response logs as they come in, filter down and replay the request.

Custom Filtering

Filter the data down to exactly what you care about and learn how clients are requesting your services and servers.

Timeseries Charts

See trends data down to the minute with our timeseries charting that shows how usage is changing and visually spot any anomalies.

Custom Reporting

Create personalized dashboards with metrics and data that is important to you. Schedule weekly reports to stay on top of the game.

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